National Proliferation Financing Indicators for Ukraine


On March 19, 2021, the technical paper on “Threats to Proliferation Financing in Ukraine” was presented to Ukrainian stakeholders at an online event. The document is the result of several months of joint work with a wide range of relevant national authorities, including policy makers, law enforcement, FIU, supervisors and regulators, export control, customs and border control and intelligence authorities. The report seeks to identify a set of indicators and typologies for exposure to proliferation finance in Ukraine. It provides a framework for understanding Ukraine’s exposure to proliferation activities, which is not limited to strictly targeted financial sanctions.

In the context of the amended FATF Recommendation 1, requiring countries to identify and assess the risks of non-application or circumvention of targeted financial sanctions related to proliferation financing, the technical paper provides a set of indicators on how the financing of proliferation as a financial crime activity could manifest itself in Ukraine, based on the examination of several secondary sources as well as direct consultation with the relevant authorities. It will serve as a useful starting point for national partners to undertake a risk assessment of proliferation financing against FATF criteria at a later stage.

The technical document was prepared within the framework of the EU / Council of Europe Partnership Project for Good Governance (PGG) II on “Strengthening measures against money laundering and terrorist financing in Ukraine” , co-financed by the EU and the Council of Europe. and implemented by the Council of Europe.


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