Neighbor “saw the opportunity to eliminate them”, rescued two men from downed plane in Carlisle

There was no fear in Mustapha Mouhacht when he saw a plane come out of the trees behind his house.

Instead, Mouhacht said he wanted to help, so he walked across the tarmac to help get two men off the plane.

The plane appears to have missed the runway at Carlisle Airport in the 200 block of Petersburg Road around 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

Instead, he fell at a severe angle against the trees next to the runaway.

For neighbors of the Spring Green Estates mobile home park, they are used to planes going down, since Meals Drive runs parallel to the runway. Their backyards face leakage and, in this case, crash.

Kathy Swope said that in 10 years she had become so used to planes that she could now sleep through them which is why she was not so alarmed when she first heard the crash .

Her dog alerted her that maybe something was wrong, so she got out and saw the plane come out of the trees. Mouhacht was already running towards the plane.

“It’s scary to watch over there. I never would have thought that, ”Swope said. “That’s why I didn’t pay much attention to it.”

Swope called 911 and relayed what Mouhacht saw as he attempted to board the plane. She also heard a dispatch indicating that there was a suspected fuel leak.

Mouhacht said when he got there he found two men alert and able to talk to him as he tried to open the door.

Swope said all the time that she was shouting at Mouhacht, who relayed the information she was able to give to dispatchers about the men and their conditions.

Mouhacht said it took almost 15 minutes to open the door, but once he got permission from one of the men to break the door and open it, he was able to help both men. get out.

Mouhacht’s wife even got involved when she brought him a hammer to use to break into the plane.

Although able to speak, Mouhacht said one was inchere and the other appeared to have a broken leg. The two men were eventually kicked from the scene.

Once the men got off the plane, ambulances and paramedics were able to start helping them.

“When we were able to get them out, the people in the ambulance told us to take them away from the plane because they [could] smell the kerosene, ”said Mouhacht.

Mouhacht said that even though he knew there was a threat of an explosion from the plane, he didn’t see any smoke so he thought “this is the opportunity to take them out, just like that “.

Fear was the farthest thing from Mouhacht’s mind.

“No, I’m not afraid, because I love [to] help, ”said Mouhacht. Being able to get them out made him happy, he said.

Authorities made no further comment on the crash at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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