New Twisted Metal gaming rumors fueled by developer’s LinkedIn update

The game designer reveals he’s working on an unannounced first-party AAA Flagship PlayStation 5 title that many believe is a new Twisted Metal game.

The epic vehicle destruction game Twisted metal could make a comeback soon, according to clues found on LinkedIn. After the original game’s release on PlayStation 1 in 1995, it set the bar for early car fighting games while providing 90s gamers with multiplayer battles with its 12 playable drivers. Since the first game was released, there have been seven games in the series. The most recent was a reboot titled Twisted metal 2012, developed by Eat Sleep Play on PlayStation 3 and heavily focused on massive multiplayer battles with both four-player split-screen and 16-player online multiplayer.


Twisted metalThe smooth gameplay of s made driving and using weapons fun and straightforward, but many fans would say it was the characters in the game that interested them. Each character drives their custom vehicle equipped with their unique abilities and weapons, like a napalm ice cream truck driven by a clown with fire for hair or a very muscular man with giant tires wrapped around his hands. Despite the fact that the games are decades old, Sony plans to create a live-action Twisted metal Action comedy series starring Anthony Mackie as he travels through a wasteland populated by many crazy figures from the games. With a series whose plot revolves around a group of murderous criminals filled with personality and custom gun vehicles, it’s surprising that the game series has been dormant since 2012.

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According to the Twitter user Timur222 (Going through power supply), a chief game designer named Drew Williams-Rostron recently indicated that his current role at Lucid Games is “Technical Games Designer on Unannounced Flagship AAA IP for PlayStation 5“on his LinkedIn account. Lucid Games is best known for its PS5 exclusivity AllStars Destruction, which features a large number of characters in a large vehicle combat arena that focuses more on driver abilities than deadly weapons. With AllStars Destruction Being one of the first titles that Sony chose to release for free for PlayStation Plus members on PS5 in February 2020, it looks like Lucid Games would be an obvious choice to make a new AAA car battle game for the PlayStation 5.

Sony became interested in expanding the series and almost made a Twisted metal film starring Nicholas Cage, which failed due to budget issues. Rumors do not confirm that a new Twisted metal the game is officially under development. The rumors that pile up and the news released for the live-action series make it seem like the perfect time to release a new game while at the same time Twisted metal is in the brains of the masses.

Many gamers have been calling for a new arcade racing game to take advantage of next-gen software and show what new game engines are capable of when it comes to destroying highly detailed vehicles. Twisted metal sounds like the perfect series to bring back, especially since the PS5’s beefy hardware should be able to make broken and explosive cars look good. Hopefully Sony decides to officially announce a new Twisted metal game before hearing how Will Arnett’s Sweet Tooth will sound in the Twisted metal live action series.

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Sources: Timur222 / Twitter, PSU, Drew Williams-Rostron / LinkedIn

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