Nintendo-Xbox negotiations revealed in Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit

The Epic Games lawsuit against Apple may have given the strongest clue to date whether Xbox Game Pass or xCloud is coming to Nintendo Switch. Stephen Totilo of Axios shared trial documents which have been largely authored by Nintendo because they “reflect … competitively sensitive information about the negotiations between Nintendo and Microsoft.” The executive deposition discussed Microsoft’s plans to bring xCloud to iOS, as well as overall console activity as a whole. There is no way to know exactly what was said, but it would be interesting to know which negotiations the two companies were involved in!

Totilo shared images of the redacted documents on Twitter. Images can be found in the embedded Tweet below.

It should be noted that while the redacted parts mention discussions on xCloud or Game Pass on Switch, there is simply no way to know the status of those discussions. Comments may have been redacted because discussions are underway or because no announcement has been made. However, it’s also possible that the plans failed, and Nintendo could have had the comments redacted to prevent the general public from seeing that there had been any discussions in the first place. There is simply no way or know!

It would be very interesting to see if the Xbox Game Pass could be withdrawn on Nintendo Switch. Apart from the business hurdles, there are a number of technical issues that would make the job difficult. The platform would need a specially tailored set of games, as many are said to be incompatible with Switch. As such, xCloud would seem much more likely, but that’s only speculation until Nintendo and Microsoft make some sort of announcement.

Regardless of what is revealed, it is clear that the close relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft continues to develop. It remains to be seen where it could go from here!

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