November PlayStation Plus free games include 3 bonus games

The upcoming PlayStation Plus free games for November will actually include three bonus games this time around. While Sony typically chooses to only give PS Plus subscribers about three games per calendar month, the publisher decided to double that total in November instead. And while this is only great news for those who might be members of PlayStation Plus, the three additional titles in question are specific to certain PlayStation hardware.

Overall, the top three games Sony is releasing for November 2021 include City KO, First class problem, and Kingdoms of Amalur: recount. And while those on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will have access to these titles, PS Plus users who also own a PlayStation VR headset are the ones who will benefit from the three additional games. Yes, Sony is offering three additional PS VR-exclusive PlayStation Plus games in November. Specifically, these titles happen to be Until you fall, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, and Persistence. Just like the rest of this lineup, these games will be available for download starting next week on November 2 and will stay online until December 6.

Overall, Sony is clearly trying to sweeten the pot this month for those who may have bought PlayStation VR in the past few years. And while the number of PlayStation users who own PS VR is much smaller compared to those who own PS4 and PS5, all three of these titles on PS Plus will still be available to all subscribers. So even if you don’t currently own PlayStation VR, there’s no harm in adding all three games to your library once they go live next week. After all, if you end up buying a PS VR headset in the future, you will surely be happy that you already have a list of games to play.

What do you think of these free bonus games on PlayStation Plus for November? Do you hope to see Sony doing this more often with the service? Let me know either in the comments or on Twitter at @ Mooreman12.

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