OtterBox Power Swap Xbox rechargeable battery review: rechargeable fun

Who are OtterBox Xbox Power Swap rechargeable batteries for?

  • the OtterBox Power Swap Xbox Rechargeable Batteries are ideal for any Xbox gamer or PC gamer who uses an Xbox controller
  • The Power Swap Kit includes two rechargeable batteries, which means you’ll never run out of juice
  • The Power Swap kit comes with a cage for an Xbox One controller and an Xbox Series X | S controller
With the OtterBox Power Swap Xbox Rechargeable Battery Kit, you don’t have to worry about AA batteries anymore

Xbox controllers are pretty much the last major game controllers that still use batteries instead of having a built-in rechargeable battery. This is the openness that the OtterBox company saw when it sought to pivot in the gaming hardware space, which OtterBox Power Swap Xbox Rechargeable Battery Kit. This kit is a great way to enjoy an Xbox controller without worrying about batteries.

Easy installation

Surprisingly, the OtterBox Power Swap Rechargeable Battery Kit requires very minor installation. Unlike other rechargeable batteries that I have used with Xbox controllers which simply fit into the battery compartment, Power Swap batteries use a kind of plastic cage to hold them together. This cage is what is inserted into the controller’s battery compartment, and has one surprising feature that we’ll get to later.

Power Swap cage snaps into the battery compartment of an Xbox controller

Once the cage is in place, just insert one of the two batteries. It’s easy to do and the battery holds firmly when inserted. To remove the battery, just press the button on the top of the battery and it will pop out right away. The cage in the battery compartment can also be easily removed for use with another controller if desired. The good thing is that the Power exchange kit includes one cage for Xbox One controllers and one for Xbox Series X | S controllers, as they have slightly different designs.

The Power Swap cage once installed

Regarding the Power exchange Dock battery charger, just plug it in via a USB-C cable. To recharge a battery, simply drop it in one of the two dock locations. The battery lights will indicate when it is ready to be used again.

Easy to use

the OtterBox Power Swap Rechargeable Battery Kit couldn’t be easier to use. When a battery is fully charged, the lit LED lights will glow bright green. Once ready to go, simply drop the battery into the back of an Xbox controller with the Power Swap cage installed. The controller will work as if it had normal batteries without any issues. No need to sync anything or worry about your controller disconnecting.

The button on the top of the battery is used to release it from the controller, and the USB port can be used for direct charging

Speaking of disconnecting the controllers, the Power exchange the cage has a special function installed. It has its own battery and can keep a controller alive for about 30 seconds. This means that if one battery dies while playing an online game or in the middle of a tough fight, there is still time to put the second battery in place before the controller runs out of power, dies. and does not interrupt the game. This also means that the exchange between the two batteries does not interrupt the playback either.

A battery in the Power Swap charger docking station

There are two ways to view the battery level on the OtterBox Power Swap Batteries. The first is to press the button on the back of the battery, which turns on the LEDs that indicate the general remaining power. The second is when the battery starts to run out. When there is 10 minutes of charge left, another LED will turn on a red light on the person holding the controller. When this time drops to the remaining five minutes, the LED starts flashing. This is good for giving players a warning without having to rely too much on that 30 second grace period once the battery is completely dead.

A red LED starts flashing when the battery is almost dead

Decent performance

Each Power exchange The battery is said to provide around 10 hours of charge each. In my experience, it seemed like the batteries were draining at a fairly steady rate, and although I didn’t exactly have a running stopwatch, I felt like the batteries didn’t necessarily hit 10 full hours. . Now, this could be because I sometimes leave the controller on when watching shows, but even still the controller should automatically turn off after about 15 minutes. Either way, there are two batteries included, so while they don’t last the full 10 hours, there’s always a second battery to switch to once one dies.

A closer look at the Power Swap battery in a controller

the Exchange batteries reload fairly quickly in their dock. Again, I haven’t timed how quickly a battery can go from a full charge to a full charge, but it’s probably around two hours. If the dock is too bulky or unwanted, each battery can also be charged directly via a USB-C cable.

Final thoughts

the OtterBox Power Swap Xbox Rechargeable Battery Kit is a great way to never need another AA battery to play again. OtterBox batteries are easy to insert and remove, provide a decent amount of power, and the battery cage can even keep a controller alive if the battery is dead or when swapping between batteries.

Although it seems that the Power exchange the batteries don’t always provide the 10 hours of runtime they claim to provide, that’s not a big deal as the kit includes two batteries. I always had a battery charged and ready to go once the other ran out of juice.

At around $ 60, the OtterBox Power Exchange Kit is little more than most other rechargeable battery options for Xbox controllers. However, this price is justified a bit by the inclusion of two batteries and additional features like battery warning indicator and continuous power when replacing batteries.

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