PlayStation 5 gets entire danger category in obvious Sony ad

Jeopardy, a game show produced by Sony, featured a category devoted almost entirely to promoting the PlayStation 5, its technology, and a variety of games.

the Playstation 5 just featured prominently on one of America’s greatest game shows, Peril, in a fairly obvious marketing scheme from Sony, producer of the show and manufacturer of the console. The beloved game show offers a number of categories where the clues to the answer are given in statements and the participants are asked to respond in the form of a question. The show has been on the air since 1984, and since then it has covered a staggering variety of topics and firmly established its status as an iconic program.

A very different Sony property, the PlayStation 5, has been a huge success so far and while it is still incredibly difficult to get one due to shortages in stock and scalpers, the overwhelming demand for the new console is still overwhelming. has in no way weakened. The machine has established a rather illustrious library and has a number of advanced features that set it apart from its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. Foremost among these is the console’s unique DualSense controller, which provides haptic feedback throughout. the goal of making the game more immersive through methods other than enhanced visuals.

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Supply shortages haven’t stopped Sony from bringing the PS5 to market, and its latest attempt was during the classic game show. Peril (Going through Kotaku). An entire category titled “Gamer’s Delight” featured questions that heavily promoted the PS5 during the show. The category was led by guest star JD Witherspoon, a YouTube personality and comedian. While the category purported to cover the game as a whole, the focus on PlayStation 5 games was very strong; console exclusives like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart were featured alongside more surprising choices like AllStars Destruction, which recently added bots in order to supplant the low number of players.

Watch Jeopardy’s Gamer’s Delight category on YouTube here.

Peril viewers are making an unconventional audience choice for the PlayStation 5, but given Sony’s involvement in both properties, it makes sense for such a crossover to happen. The effectiveness of these ads is clearly questionable at best, given the already high demand and low supply for the console, but the category likely increased awareness of the machine overall and could have been a pleasant one. surprise for home video game fans. .

It’s unclear whether or not Sony will continue to market the console in this fashion as the holiday season draws closer and the company tries to increase supply. Sony has previously faced criticism for an ad in which the PlayStation 5 was upside down on an entertainment hub, which led the company to withdraw the ad altogether. It’s unclear exactly how this happened, but it did lead to some hilarity on social media for a few hours. the Playstation 5‘s Peril the spot clearly went a lot easier, but time will tell how effective it was.

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Source: Danger / YouTube (Going through Kotaku)

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