PlayStation 5 Pro specs, rumors and features

(Pocket-lint) – When the PS4 Pro was released in 2016, Sony arguably let the genie out of the bottle when it came to upgrading a console midway through its lifecycle without call the new product a complete new generation.

Now that the PS5 has been out for a little while, it’s not hard to assume that it could also get a minor or major upgrade at some point, without Sony feeling the need to announce one. PlayStation 6 complete for a long time. Here are all the rumors and details we know about what could be coming in terms of PS5 Pro.


PS5 Pro price and release date

The biggest factor around a potential PS5 Pro for many people will be the price Sony attaches to it – since the £450 or $499 PS5 is always so hard to find, if the PS5 Pro does eventually appear at a higher price high, it might be hard to justify spending more money on it.

Taking the console generation of the PS4 as an example, the PS4 Pro has consistently come in at around £100 or $100 more than the base PS4, although those prices have been steadily reduced, to maintain the angle depending which is the most powerful and most premium option.

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However, at the time of launch, the original PS4 was priced lower, so we suspect Sony could go down the same route and release the PS5 Pro at exactly the same price as the PS5, while making the base model cheaper. .

When exactly that might happen is a long shot, but we can’t see it hitting shelves until late 2023, frankly. Given the huge shortage of materials it works with, Sony still can’t make enough PS5s to keep up with demand. That he wants to cover his tracks with a new model so quickly, everyone can guess.

PS5 Pro Design

When the PS5 was first unveiled its design was an immediate talking point, all contrasting white and black, and those big wingtips make it an even more imposing installation on any TV stand or counter. where you put it.

This is also true of the standard version and the digital edition which removes the disc drive for those who don’t want or need it. This raises an interesting question about the next version of the PS5 though – will it stick with the same aesthetic?

Based on the PS4 Pro precedent, we think it should stay pretty similar, but we’ll be interested to see if it grows bigger since the PS5 is already pretty huge, or if it can actually manage to extract even more power. . a smaller frame.

PS5 Pro Specifications

The PS5 is a powerhouse of a console, as is apparent from the exclusives it’s hosted so far, with graphical highlights in the form of Demon’s Souls, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart and more.

When the PS4 Pro came out, it had a pretty clear selling point in the form of its 4K capabilities, a resolution the base PS4 just couldn’t keep up with.

This kind of easy USP isn’t as obviously available for a PS5 Pro, but even early in its cycle you can tell outputting to 4K with graphical flourishes like ray tracing is a real strain on the PS5. , just like the Xbox Series X.

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8K TVs are starting to spread a bit, so it’s possible true 8K support for gaming is on the menu, but we suspect the tech is still too expensive to be worth Sony’s money in the next couple of years.

Instead, Sony could take the approach of more iterative improvements, like an upgrade to the console’s processor and an increase in its slightly small storage (at 825GB currently).

A recent patent filed by Sony’s Mark Cerny also suggests he thinks he can get more ray-tracing performance out of his console, by increasing the efficiency of how a GPU would approach ray-tracing. This is a highly technical file, but it appears to involve changes to the hardware on board the PS5. Given that current models wouldn’t be able to accommodate it, that could well mean it’ll play a part in a PS5 Pro down the line.

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We also don’t know if a PS5 Pro would come in two editions, one with a disc drive and one without, like the standard PS5 – it may be that at the more premium end of the market the drive simply more widely accepted as part of the full package.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

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