PlayStation 5 users want themes added in a future update

The PlayStation 5 no longer offers customizable themes like older Sony consoles, but fans are still hoping the feature will return.

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In the battle of consoles, the advantage that the PlayStation 3 and 4 always had over the Xbox One was the ability to add custom themes to the user interface. Over the years, PlayStation owners have undoubtedly put together a large collection of themes, free or not, for their consoles. In February 2020, several months before launch, an image leak claiming to be the PS5’s user interface appeared to reveal that there would be little changes to the new console’s user interface.

To the disappointment of many, however, this turned out not to be the case. Sony kept the PS5 interface secret until the console was released, even going so far as to prevent attendees of a PS5 demo event from accessing the user interface. Although Sony’s patents from the previous year seemed to hint that the console’s interface could undergo a makeover, a PS5 exclusive Strange things The theme listed on the PlayStation Store also made people believe that this feature would be carried over from previous consoles.

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Sadly, when the console launched in November 2020, one of the most notable changes to the PS5’s UI was the lack of customizable themes, and many fans have asked for the feature to be reinstated since. Instead, Sony incorporated dynamic, console-driven themes that change based on the game or menu item selected. The images are of high quality, but they don’t always necessarily match what players want to see. A recent Reddit thread shows that many gamers are still hoping Sony will bring back this beloved feature.

It’s unclear exactly why Sony removed customizable themes from the PlayStation 5. The company surely has metrics that show how many people took advantage of the feature, but as many themes were often free or for sale, that wasn’t maybe not lucrative enough. for Sony to keep the themes. This is unfortunate as many gamers have spent a lot of money over the years buying themes to customize the user interface of their PS4, and it would have been welcome if these could be used on the new console.

The user interface of the Xbox Series consoles, on the other hand, remains pretty much unchanged from that of the Xbox One. This meant that the transition from the last generation to an Xbox Series console was pretty seamless, with no adjustment period, unlike the move from the PS4 to the PS5. While the Xbox 360 has fun themes that allow owners to customize the interface of their console, this was removed with the Xbox One. Microsoft has chosen to limit the customization to changing wallpapers and selecting a dark or light theme, but it’s likely Xbox owners would like to be able to further customize their user interface as well.

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