PlayStation fan shares incredible concept for new PSP

A fan celebrates the legacy of Sony portable consoles by creating a concept of a portable companion system for the PlayStation 5.

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Sony abandoned the portable console market a long time ago, but the Playstation portable and PS Vita continue to enjoy a loyal following. The rise of the Nintendo Switch has led some Sony fans to believe that the company should try another handheld console, with a concept showing a futuristic take on the established PSP design.

The Sony PSP was released in the mid-2000s and was aimed at competing with the Nintendo DS in the handheld console market. The hybrid game console / portable media player did not sell as well as the Nintendo DS, but still had many exclusives, being a strong competitor overall.

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A fan named Kashama presented a modified concept for a “PlayStation Orus” on TikTok, which in the video takes up the rough control scheme of the PlayStation Vita. The Vita itself shares many design similarities with the PSP, with a large screen between the controls. However, two aspects highlight Kashama’s proof of concept; the screen covers the entire face of the system, even around the controls, and the games displayed in the user interface are PS5 exclusives. It’s not clear whether the concept would involve streaming the games from a PS5 system or playing versions of the games on the system itself, but either would be an interesting prospect for one. PS5 companion device.

The system, being a proof of concept, only exists in the form of an edited video. In real life, the idea of ​​such a system would immediately lead to complications; the PS5 is a physically massive system, and with current technology it would be impossible to cram even a fraction of its hardware power into such a small form factor, let alone the thermal issues it would face. The screen covering the system beyond the controls could also prove to be problematic, because if games weren’t redesigned to some extent to fit the screen, many UI elements would be hidden away. behind the controls.

Despite the problems of an actual implementation, the idea of ​​a companion system for the PS5 could work as a modern successor to the PlayStation Portable and the Vita. The PlayStation Vita can remotely control and display PlayStation 4 games, and PS5 Remote Play already exists, so the infrastructure for such a device is already there. The full realization of the Kashama concept may not happen anytime soon, but one form of it is entirely viable.

If Sony were to introduce a new handheld, now might not be the best time for it, as chip shortages are hampering the manufacturing of tech. Start something like a new one PSP While many gamers still struggle to buy a PS5 would be a logistical nightmare, at least as long as the shortage persists. Still, it’s clear that many gamers would love to see a new handheld from Sony in the future.

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