PlayStation Portable (PSP) IS BACK and Better Than Ever

Ok maybe it’s not exactly the PSP, but it’s as close as it gets. When this stuff drops, it’s going to be a serious problem for my non-existent social gaming life. When I was growing up I took my PSP EVERYWHERE I went. Before that, you know that I was always attached with my Gameboy Advance (with the worm light accessory) or my Gameboy SP.

Some would even say that the Gameboy was a gateway …

Portable gaming is bigger than ever, and a lost art at the same time. Let me explain – mobile gaming is bigger than you might imagine.

But these are simple games like Candy Crush, Doodle Jump, Angry Birds – you get it. On Gameboy and PSP, you played games with real scenarios like Jak and Daxter, Pokémon or Final Fantasy. Handheld (or mobile) games have continued to develop while continually changing shapes and forms.

Do you know this aunt who is addicted to Candy Crush and keeps sending you Facebook requests? Contrary to their addiction, they would not consider themselves to be gamers …

The Steam Deck has huge potential and I can’t wait to release it. I’m sure I’ll blog / tweet my first impressions when I get PSP 2.0, but if I get dark for more than 2 weeks then you can tell I’m having fun….

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