PlayStation State of Play Rumors Suggest Next Event Coming Soon

PlayStation users eager for Sony’s next event have now focused on another likely date for the next State of Play. According to some rumors and deductions based on previous announcements and supposed leaks, people are now considering July 8 – or at least early July – as a potential timeline for the next State of Play event. What could be shown there also remains to be seen, but there is no shortage of requests for what they would like to see at the event.

The July 8 date for the next State of Play stream or whatever PlayStation has planned started circulating over a week ago on Reddit and other forums. These rumors have been attributed to various anonymous sources as these types of forum-fueled threads usually are, so take that into account when taking stock of the rumor.

Since then, the July 8 rumor has solidified a bit more, or at least it did not go since its origin. Considering how other companies like Xbox have hosted more traditional summer events beyond the scope of occasional storefronts, some have suggested that this upcoming PlayStation event might look more like the company’s past PlayStation Experience events as opposed. to the inventory focused on games. like Horizon forbidden to the west.

If it’s not July 8, people are looking to the first week of July or so for some sort of PlayStation event. In recent events every time Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has been announced, it has been said that the game will get a full and proper reveal in a few weeks. It is true that Death stranding came to PC and not just to PlayStation consoles, but if the follow-up Death stranding the experience was supposed to be presented anywhere, it makes sense that this would happen at a PlayStation event.

Sure Death stranding deductions, rumors about a “Ghost of IkishimaThe Sucker Punch Productions project has also fueled speculation about a possible PlayStation event slated for this summer. The PlayStation 5 game Abandoned also gained attention for its marketing campaign which left some wondering if there was more to the game than people initially thought.

Sony has yet to announce any plans for an inventory, PlayStation experience, or any kind of PlayStation event, but if that July 8 or early July rumor carries any weight, that kind of announcement will likely be made. soon.

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