PlayStation Store on PS5 gets a nice change in quality of life

The PlayStation 5 store is one of many significant changes from the previous generation, and it will finally receive a small but significant update.

Ratchet and Clank Store PlayStation 5

The Playstation 5 has been a huge success for Sony, introducing a plethora of changes from the PlayStation 4. While not all of the changes have been well received, Sony is still actively working on the console. With the PS5 now just under a year old, it still lacked some notable quality of life features. Now it looks like the PlayStation 5 store has been updated with such a feature.

The change to the PlayStation 5 store that turned it from a sluggish app to a feature built into the console’s main menu has been very well received by fans. Navigating the store, on the other hand, was a different story, as many gamers found that they sometimes had to use the search bar for certain video games as they struggled to find them in the various menus. Although the PS5 recently received a major update, it looks like smaller quality of life changes are still being added.

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One notable quality of life feature the PS5 lacked was the inclusion of a “new games” section. Now this feature is found under “Latest” in a new subsection called “New Games”. This is admittedly a small update to the PS5 store, but it was worryingly missing for almost a year. Another reason this is such an important feature is that many indie titles simply went unnoticed by those browsing the system store.

The PS5 store has several sections, including “Latest,” but it doesn’t really focus on showing the latest titles. Instead, this area included a “What’s New” section, as well as an area for “Preorders”. “What’s Hot” is sometimes updated with recently released games, but they were almost always the most popular titles, often omitting some of the smaller gems that go unnoticed.

Gamers will be relieved to see this change added to the PS5 store, but the console still has a bit of a way to go before fans are completely happy with the UI. Right now, future updates to the PS5 are currently in the works according to Hideaki Nishino, who is currently working on a list of various requested features and quality of life updates to be implemented by Sony.

Still, this is an interesting change and one that will hopefully make indie titles more accessible on PS5, which is important given criticism that Sony will not raise awareness among indie developers more. With the PS5 still under a year old, it will be interesting to see how many more Quality of Life updates the platform receives and how often they will be delivered. The “new games” feature is a very small change from the PS5 store, but that will surely have an impact on how often small games get noticed.

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