PlayStation VR 2’s secret specs look impressive, according to Digital Foundry

PlayStation VR 2 is expected to impress based on undisclosed specs reportedly seen by Digital Foundry.

In the tech site’s latest DF Direct Weekly video (below), tech publisher Richard Leadbetter apparently refers to the PSVR 2 details leaked in May, before claiming to have seen even more impressive specs for the upcoming headset. Sony.

“One thing that I think is rather encouraging is that Sony is making PSVR 2 for the PlayStation 5,” he said.

“We’ve seen some spec leaks and it looks good. We’ve seen other specs that weren’t disclosed which makes it even better.

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“So hopefully VR can grow, there will be more choice in the headset arena, and I’m also looking forward to seeing what this new Sony controller is all about,” Leadbetter added.

According to several UploadVR sources, the PSVR 2 will offer a resolution of 4000 × 2080 pixels (2000 × 2040 per eye).

It will also include gaze tracking capable of foveal rendering, a lens separation adjustment dial and a vibration motor that allows developers to provide direct haptic feedback, Sony partners have reportedly informed.

PlayStation first announced that it was working on a “next-gen VR system” designed for the PS5 earlier this year.

The new headset will feature “spectacular leaps in performance and interactivity”, allowing players to experience “an even greater sense of presence and immerse themselves even more in their gaming world,” he said. stated in an ad in February.

A month later, Sony unveiled the new controllers for the PS5 VR system, which have an “orb” shaped design and feature adaptive tiggers and haptic feedback like the PS5’s DualSense controller.

Sony is reportedly planning to release the successor to PlayStation VR during the 2022 holiday season.

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