PlayStation VR London Studio’s New PS5 Online Game Has ‘Procedural Worlds’

Following a number of job postings in recent weeks, the owner PlayStation London Studio has officially acknowledged that a new “next generation” project is in the works exclusively for PlayStation 5.

Speaking to Twitter a few days ago, the London-based developer teased an “upcoming PlayStation 5 online game” via his career page. The job postings available refer to the usual triple-a and quality-centric lingo, but a procedural technical artist’s listing specifically mentions “procedural worlds.”

London Studio has made a name for itself running the SingStar franchise, but is also known especially for working on PlayStation VR games. Blood & Truth was the most recent release in this regard for PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4 in 2019. The first-person shooter received mostly positive reviews.

Whatever is in the works at London Studio right now has a good chance of involving the next generation PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) headset for PlayStation 5. It’s important to point out that the rumor has it that Sony is going to go. has a strong focus on triple-a games with PSVR 2. The goal is to have triple-a “hybrid” versions that can be played with or without virtual reality.

Should that happen, PlayStation owners will have the option of choosing which version of a hybrid game they want to download. They can either download the one that supports VR and play the entire game with a PSVR 2, or download the other without VR to play normally with a DualSense.

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