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James Schmidtberg

LOCK HAVEN – A Lock Haven man has been bonded on all charges related to an incident in March that involved 10 different crimes.

James H. Schmidtberg, 35, of Lock Haven, arrested in March by Pennsylvania State Police. A preliminary hearing was held Tuesday at the Clinton County Courthouse.

In total, Schmidtberg was charged with multiple counts out of a total of 10 different crimes, including person not possessing a firearm (six counts), firearms not to be carried without a license, changing or erasing a firearm serial number, DUI and possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

During the preliminary hearing, PSP Trooper Joshua Eichenlaub said he contacted Schmidtberg shortly after 2 a.m. on March 2, 2022, after noticing the motorhome he was driving had a fake plate license plate that was registered for a Jeep. When Eichenlaub began following Schmidtberg down Hogan Boulevard in Bald Eagle Township, Schmidtberg quickly pulled up to a car wash in Flemington and got out of the RV.

Eichenlaub, who is a Certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) quickly observed that Schmidtberg appeared to be under the influence of controlled substances and had difficulty understanding his speech. Eventually, Eichenlaub had Schmidtberg under arrest on suspicion of impaired driving, and then his partner noticed a gun barrel inside the motorhome. A criminal background check carried out by Eichenlaub in his PSP patrol car revealed that Schmidtberg had an extensive criminal record and that he had been convicted of several crimes, including aggravated assault, which rendered him incapable of legally possessing a firearm in Pennsylvania and under federal law. straight.

Clinton County District Attorney Dave Strouse, who prosecuted the case at the preliminary hearing, then asked Eichenlaub to describe the litany of items that were ultimately found in Schmidtberg’s RV after that police obtained a search warrant later that morning. Eichenlaub detailed a list that included six firearms, ammunition of various brands and calibers, magazines, gun holsters, locking boxes, a taser, an expandable metal baton and brass knuckles.

Eichenlaub also described finding what appeared to be an improvised explosive device (IED), or pipe bomb, in the motorhome. Strouse then called Private Kevin Holford of the PSP Hazardous Devices and Explosives Section, who examined the IED found by PSP Lamar.

Holford testified that tests on the device determined that it was in fact an explosive device and that it also contained shrapnel of metal inside the device in an effort to inflict further injury and damage. At the end of the hearing, Magistrate District Judge Keith Kibler committed himself to all charges against Schmidtberg, and the case will now be moved to the Court of Common Pleas for a possible trial.

Following the hearing, Schmidtberg requested $250,000 bail, insisting he could not afford it. Strouse described Schmidtberg’s criminal history and noted that in the current case, Schmidtberg “very clearly intended to kill someone, or possibly several people.”

According to Strouse, Schmidtberg is a clear and present danger to the people of Clinton County and insisted that Schmidtberg should not be eligible for bail at all. Alternatively, Strouse requested that bail be increased to $1 million.

Kibler denied Schmidtberg’s request to modify the bond. He decided he would stay at $250,000.

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