PS Vita will not list new games from July 20, rumored

PS Vita could stop listing new games on July 20, according to a new rumor. The last “new” game on the console could then be Russian Subway Dogs.

According to recent rumors, the Playstation vita will no longer add new games to its store after July 20. While this is disappointing news for the relatively small but loyal Vita fans, it is a much better alternative to taking the store completely offline, a fate than the narrowly avoided system handheld. After announcing that the Vita and PlayStation 3 were to take their stores offline, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan wrote on the PlayStation Blog that “it is clear that we made the wrong decision here”, Reversing the decision amid negative reactions from Sony fans.

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Often, gaming systems like the Vita and the Sega Dreamcast are adopted and loved by retro fans years after their first release. While the Vita sold well in the first week of its release, sales fell 78% in Japan just a week later. Sony ultimately failed to meet its goal of selling 10 million Vita by March 2013, and the company has been left speechless about Vita sales since 2012.

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By a recent Kotaku article, it looks like the latest ‘new’ game to be released on the Vita could be Russian subway dogs, a game in which players control stray dogs as they try to survive in the Moscow metro. A fairly niche game, Russian subway dogs is now ported to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Vita. The article mentions that developer Miguel Sternberg had actually always wanted his game to arrive on the Vita in particular, describing the console as his favorite handheld and the port as a “passion project rather than a good business decision. “

Although it narrowly avoided being taken out of its store, the Vita remains an excellent portable console in its own right. It has become the hotbed of entries in fan favorite series such as Unexplored, Need of speed, and Killzone and its ability to emulate older consoles such as the Game Boy and Nintendo 64 makes it a convenient console to take on the go. Finally, the remote play feature has made a comeback from the PSP and has given gamers a fantastic way to access their PS4s from anywhere within range.

Sadly, Vita’s sales may have been a simple case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like the Dreamcast, which many now realize was ahead of its time, it took the gaming community several years to get to grips with the Vita. Interestingly, Sony may have just extended the shelf life of the Vita by taking steps to shorten it. If the company decides to launch another handheld console alongside the PlayStation 5, hopefully Sony fans will think about the Vita experience and help Sony reach their sales targets next time around.

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Source: Kotaku

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