PS5 replenishment line forms again on PlayStation Direct (Update: sold out)

Good luck to everyone in the line.

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Today was a strange day for PS5 restocking. Sony’s PlayStation Direct site threw up a queue, but when people got to the line they saw the message sold out – unless they got an email from Sony regarding the restocking. A second queue formed soon after with some capable of securing a PS5. Walmart also restocked its PS5 inventory, which lasted a short time, only to have another restock sometime later. Both sites ultimately ran out of PS5s, leaving many unsatisfied.

Sony’s PlayStation Direct site handles its PS5 restockings a little differently from other retailers. On the one hand, you need a PSN Account to check (it’s free). Second, you have to practically wait “in line”. Once you’ve clicked on the PlayStation Direct site, you’ll be added to a queue, and if you’re lucky, you’ll end up at the front of the line to get a PS5. You can increase your odds by using multiple devices to queue up, but make sure they’re not on the same Wi-Fi network.

If you’re unlucky and don’t get a PS5, there is still hope. A lucky few who have already stood in line and signed up for PlayStation marketing emails might receive a line pass email. This will take you straight to the first row if you get one.

Good luck to anyone trying to get a PS5!

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