PS5 restocking in US and UK: where to get Sony’s PlayStation 5 before Christmas?

Getting a Sony PlayStation 5 before Christmas can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Recent leaks indicate that restockings of the PS5 are arriving at retailers like Amazon, Target and Currys. But beware: this could be the last restocking update of the year.

Many fans have tried their luck for months, but the next-gen gaming console remains one of the most difficult products to buy on the market. Since its launch, Sony has already sold over 10 million units, but market demand still far exceeds supply.

So now, just days before Christmas, a few retailers are reportedly preparing their latest PS5 restock sale for the holidays.

PS5 replenishes US: Amazon teases supplies

On Amazon’s official listing for PlayStation 5, its description reads: “Currently unavailable. We do not know when or if this item will be back in stock. Amazon Prime customers will receive priority access to PlayStation 5 until. to 31/12 /. “

The statements imply that Amazon may have some inventory in stock in its store. Unfortunately, only its subscribed members can access the sale, which could run at any time until December 31. Prime members would likely be notified via email once the PS5 is available.

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PS5 replenishes UK: retailers give target dates

Many more restocking updates are announced in the UK. According to Express, retailers like Argos, Currys, GAME and Studio will have some sales in the coming weeks.

An official message from GAME said the PS5 will be available on Wednesday and Friday. On the other hand, Currys has decided to hold its replenishment events exclusive to in-store purchases. Note, however, that Currys customers must register for the program through their online page.

Unfortunately, few details have been revealed for the Argos and Studio PS5 restockings. Express simply left a vague idea that interested shoppers should “keep an eye” on local store listings.

How to join and purchase PS5 replenishments

Since buying the PS5 is such a tough challenge, Cnet discussed some pro tips and tricks for buying the game console. Interested consumers are recommended to apply these tips as soon as possible on retailers that they can buy. they are currently monitoring.

  • Don’t buy PS5 offers on Twitter. It is almost certainly a scam.
  • If applicable, use the app for purchase. Apps are generally faster and less prone to crashing issues compared to browsers.
  • Watch out for PS5 restocking in the afternoon and evening for online sales. Most unscheduled replenishments tend to drop after 10:00 a.m. PT. For in-store purchases, customers are recommended to arrive one hour before the store opens at their local time.
  • PS5 restocking almost never happens on weekends.
  • Create an account in advance. Also, don’t forget to record the payment method and shipping information. Having these details pre-recorded will help improve payment time.
  • If restocking begins and the page reads “Out of Stock,” don’t give up. Refresh the screen several times. Retailers often tend to release their consoles in waves, and some inventory can drop even further within hours.

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