PS5 restocking: The resellers we are watching this Monday

It’s a new week in the world of PS5 restockings, and while Mondays aren’t generally considered the best time of the week to buy the system, the PS5 stock has moved earlier than expected in the past, it’s worth it. so worth keeping a close eye on the big gamers if you want the latest Sony console in your homes ASAP.

This is hardly surprising to many, but Amazon still worth checking out and opening up, whereas elsewhere in the US we have seen activity from GameStop and Walmart, with units on the move last week.

These are the sporadic stock changes that you need to pay close attention to. As it stands, things remain calm on the console front for now, but that’s no reason to stop you from keeping an eye on all the right places, and actively refreshing, the sites. most promising if the PS5 suddenly becomes available, as has happened in the UK in recent months with people like Very and Argos. And it is worth noting that amazon United Kingdom Seemed to have stock this morning too – it will be worth staying on this site as well as sometimes orders from the previous replenishment may be canceled and reappear.

One thing is for sure no matter how you step into the PS5 stock – remember the value of the system and don’t end up paying too much just to get that shiny white system ASAP. We’ve seen second-hand dealers charging outrageous prices of well over $ 1,000 for the disc console – more than double what it costs – and it’s just not worth going down those routes just. to get one. A keen eye and good timing are all it takes to get a PS5, trust us.

Just a reminder then, the PS5 is selling for MSRP of $ 499 and £ 450 RRP. Make sure that if you pay more than that, you get some of the best PS5 accessories – such as the best PS5 headset – or some of the best PS5 games packaged for the increased price. Important to note: buy only from a trusted seller!

Previous PS5 restocking dates at retailers

Check out the PS5 restock offers today

If you want to broaden your search a bit more, these are all of the online retailers that have had stock movement recently – from the US and UK.

Now, just having the console is just the start of your journey to the best that this current generation has to offer. To get the most out of your system, you will need significant storage; why settle for less than the best PS5 SSD that money can buy?

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