PS5 UK restock: PlayStation 5 bundles are up for grabs at Currys, Game, Argos and more retailers

UK PS5 restocks are showing signs of life as notable retailers such as Game, BT, Currys and Argos restock their stocks this week.

Additionally, Very may be restocking consoles very soon, so that’s good news for those who missed previous restock events.

PS5 restocks are coming to the UK

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Argos, Currys and other UK retailers are currently offering PS5 bundles in August.

When the PS5 came out the same year the COVID-19 pandemic started, some people thought it would be easy to get one. However, the demand continued to increase until Sony could no longer keep up with it.

This year, two years after the health care crisis erupted, next-gen consoles are back for another round. Although the global chip shortage continues, it’s good to know that retailers are regularly restocking units in some countries.

According to The Independent, Game, BT Shop, Scan, Argos, Currys and EE are currently offering PS5 bundles in the UK. Throughout July, the inventory situation slowly eased in the country.

Restocking should thrive this month as we head into September. However, people should be aware that while restocks become more frequent than before, getting a console is still a challenge for every buyer.

Some stores have different preferences in selling PS5 units to customers. While others want to sell only a standalone PlayStation 5, some retailers stock PS5 bundles because they’re easier to sell.

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Smyths Toys

In the past month, we’ve seen three Smyths Toys restocks. The first two weeks of July turned out to be great for console hunters. We expect the same to happen in August if the trend is true.


One of the most popular UK retailers is Currys. Currently, nine PS5 bundles are currently available in the store. This package comes with a 1TB SSD. You can also tag any “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” as bonus games on your purchase.

If you have enough cash for extras, you can opt for more valuable PS5 bundles here. In some cases, “Gran Turismo 7” is the bonus game in the deal instead of “Lego Star Wars”. Other bundles offer PS5 controllers and 3D wireless headphones.

To analyse

The most expensive PS5 package you’ll see in the UK could possibly come from Scan. At £739.99 or $909 you can take home a PS5 disc console, DualSense controller, WD SN850 1TB SSD, Sabrent PS5 heatsink and a copy of ‘Horizon Forbidden West’.

Yes, it is very expensive, but it is worth the price, especially for beginners. If you are still looking for more space in your PlayStation 5, you can buy another 1TB WD SSD storage.


The game is now selling a PS5 (Disc Edition) bundle for just £514.98 or $633. It’s cheaper than Scan’s offer. Moreover, it comes with a controller and a special case.


The PS5 Disc Edition Bundle is available now from Argos for £569.99 or $700. This is a great deal for console enthusiasts, as it comes with a bonus DualSense controller, gaming headset and “Horizon Forbidden West”.


There are claims that Very will be hosting a PS5 restock soon this week. We expect it to decline on Tuesday. It is not yet announced whether it will release PS5 bundles or just the standalone unit.

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