PS5s sold by Best Buy Online exclusively to Totaltech members

Best Buy recently sold a whole new stock of PlayStation 5 consoles, but only to customers who also subscribe to a $ 200 Tech Protection Plan.

Best Buy is currently selling a stock of Playstation 5 consoles, but only to those who pay into a $ 200 tech protection plan. Sony’s next-gen console was released in November 2020, but supplies for the new system have been extremely low so far. While the PlayStation 5 is readily available in China, gamers in other countries like the United States are struggling to get their hands on the console.

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S in November 2020, both systems have been extremely difficult to acquire. The majority of retailers only sell the systems through digital storefronts, and when stores restock, they run out of stock again very quickly. It’s a little different in China, however, given that Chinese retailers carry the PlayStation 5 in stores and there appears to be an abundance of stock. This is mainly attributed to the Chinese market’s preference for mobile and PC games over consoles. Best Buy received an in-store PS5 replenishment in September, allowing some North American gamers to acquire the elusive console before stores quickly sold out again.

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A report of Video games chronicle reveals that Best Buy recently started selling a limited supply of PlayStation 5 consoles online. However, the sale was limited to customers paying for the company’s Totaltech technology protection plan. This subscription costs $ 200 per year and provides customers with benefits such as 24-hour technical support and free shipping. Exclusive access to hardware sales isn’t listed as one of Totaltech’s primary perks, but Best Buy has reserved the rare console anyway. Totaltech’s requirement effectively increased the price of a PlayStation 5 by an additional $ 200.

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The console war between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo has been going on for generations, with fans at every company scrambling to acquire their latest consoles. Next-gen systems give gamers access to premium gaming hardware, as well as games exclusive to beloved consoles that serve to attract new customers. However, PlayStation manager Jim Ryan recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the console’s exclusivity, as the practice prohibits certain players from accessing certain games. Ryan’s goal is to enable hundreds of millions of gamers to enjoy PlayStation-exclusive titles, which cannot materialize while PlayStation 5 stocks are so low.

Inventories of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S have remained desperately low, and distributors like Best Buy are capitalizing on gamers’ desperation. Limiting console sales to those who pay an extra $ 200 for Totaltech is a clear way for the company to earn extra profit through high demand and low supply. Although Best Buy is now sold out Playstation 5 consoles, it is unfortunately very likely that future restocking will only be sold to Totaltech subscribers.

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Source: Chronicle of the video game

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