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The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is fascinating hardware. Sony’s first foray into handheld consoles was also its most successful, managing to rival Nintendo’s hugely successful Game Boy Advance while also carving out a unique place for itself in gaming history. The PSP’s sleek design, its impressive selection of games and additional features made it an unexpected hit at the time of its release.

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With news of PlayStation Plus transitioning to a tiered system, many of Sony’s greatest hits will be readily available to PlayStation fans who subscribe. We’ve already covered our picks for the PS1, PS2, and PS3, so here are the PSP games we’d like to see in this collection.

11 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Although the Kingdom Hearts series is known for its complex story, it is also full of well-received and enjoyable entries. Among those titles is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, the once PSP-exclusive prequel to the series featuring new characters Terra, Ventus and Aqua.

Birth By Sleep was immediately praised by fans upon release, heralded for its tight gameplay mechanics and intriguing plot. Although the game is part of the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 collection, including it with PlayStation Plus Premium would simply give more players access to one of the best entries in the series.


ten Daxter

Daxter, the lovable sidekick from the Jak & Daxter series, finally has his own adventure in this PSP platform game. Playing as the titular ottsel, you run, jump, and exterminate your way through the colorful world in search of an imprisoned Jak. The game also features dreamlike sequences parodying popular movies such as Matrix or Braveheart.

Including this spin-off in the PS Plus Premium collection would be a great way for gamers to experience this title and put Jak & Daxter back in the spotlight a bit.

9 Secret Agent Clank

Similar to Daxter’s single-player adventure, the Ratchet & Clank series has received a spin-off on the PSP featuring the popular little robot. The game gives Clank his own arsenal of weapons to wield, with a selection of James Bond-esque gadgets at his disposal as well.

There are even segments of the game where you play as Ratchet, as Crank smuggles weapons into jail for him to use. Seeing this available to play again would be a great addition.

8 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7

During the PSP’s lifecycle, the beloved PS1 RPG Final Fantasy 7 also received a number of sequels and spin-offs. One such project was Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, a prequel to the events of Final Fantasy 7 released for the PSP.

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Crisis Core tells the story of Zack, Cloud’s mysterious best friend whose life isn’t detailed until the middle of the original title. The game has impressive visuals for the PSP as well as a more action-packed combat system that is more in line with the recent Final Fantasy 7 Remake than the original game.

7 Powered up Mega Man

Mega Man’s cutest adventure is also one of his best on PSP. Mega Man Powered Up is a complete remake of the original Blue Bomber NES game, with a few new levels and abilities to heighten the experience.

The game even includes a level editor for those who want to create their own unique challenges for Mega Man. Between its endearing art style and classic platforming, it’s a title worth revisiting.

6 God Of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus is the highest rated PSP game of all time, and for good reason. While other series have received similar portable-sized iterations such as Uncharted and Killzone, few have managed to be as impressive as this title.

A prequel to the original God of War on PS2, the game puts you in the shoes of a young Kratos, still working under the gods of Olympus as a champion. Athena asks Kratos to seek a way to stop the dream god Morpheus, who has put many other Olympian gods into a state of deep sleep due to the absence of the sun god Helios. PSP, and its intense hack-and-slash gameplay is all that makes the original God of War experience.

5 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

The Grand Theft Auto series was initially associated with the PlayStation family of consoles, so it only makes sense that the PSP would get a number of quality iterations of Rockstar’s infamous sandbox game. And while Chinatown Wars invoked the old-school GTA feel and Liberty City Stories was a fun throwback to the iconic GTA 3 setting, Vice City Stories is the strongest of the bunch.

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A prequel to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PlayStation 2, the game takes you back to the fictional version of Miami by following the criminal exploits of brothers Vic and Lance. Unlike Liberty City Stories, the game features the swimming, driving, and building interiors of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, while allowing players to build a criminal empire by buying up businesses and taking down rival gangs.

4 LocoRoco

LocoRoco has helped define the PSP for many gamers. In this colorful puzzle game, you’ll guide the round, yellow, cheerful little LocoRoco through the world by tilting the environment around them using the L and R buttons.

Watching these adorable blobs bounce, squeeze and fall through each level never gets old, as they combine into one large LocoRoco or split into many tiny beings as needed.

3 Patapon

Patapon, another classic PSP puzzle game, lets you use music to guide a legion of little warriors named Patapon on their journey to the legendary Earthend.

You’ll synchronize button presses with the game’s drum pattern, with each prompt causing your little Patapon to attack, defend, retreat or advance. The game’s dynamic art direction and addictive gameplay loop make it another great addition.

2 Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

The Final Fantasy series has seen a number of spin-offs over the years, but none had the impact of Final Fantasy Tactics. First released on the original PlayStation, The War of the Lions is an enhanced remake of the strategy RPG for the PSP.

In Final Fantasy Tactics, you’ll aid a young lord named Ramza as he attempts to quell a rising civil war in the land of Ivalice. The upgraded PSP version features brand new cutscenes, additional characters, and even an additional multiplayer element.

Few PSP games have the impact of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. A direct sequel to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on PS2, Peace Walker sees Snake in Costa Rica, leading his new Military Without Borders unit against the Fox Unit, his former brothers in arms.

Classic Metal Gear Solid stealth is present in Peace Walker, with a few additions like interrogations from later games in the series. There is also an army management system known as “Mother Base”, allowing you to manage and upgrade your forces as you progress. Incredibly polished and narratively compelling, Peace Walker is an absolute no-brainer for this group of PSP games.

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