PSP Specialties To Harness The Ecommerce Trend Through Partnership

PSP Specialties Harnesses Ecommerce Trend Through Partnership

Lubricants Maker PSP Specialties Co Partners With Virtual Market Operator WhatsEGG (Thailand) To Seek New Business Opportunities Through Online Auto Parts Selling As Market Value Expected To Reach 7 Billion Baht In Five Years .

WhatsEGG has developed “Egg Mall”, a major online marketplace facilitating trade between auto parts manufacturers and their customers.

PSP Specialties sees an opportunity to sell its products online and wants to take advantage of the growing trend of e-commerce.

“Thailand’s digital platform for auto parts will grow 100% to 7 billion baht in 2026,” said Pavares Boontanonda, chairman of the board of PSP Specialties.

Digital technologies play a greater role in increasing the competitiveness of businesses in all sectors.

The government is also supporting high-speed Internet infrastructure development projects, a digital economy plan and the Thailand 4.0 scheme, which emphasizes a transition to technological advancements and high-level services.

“One result is that online markets in many sectors have grown significantly, especially for consumer goods and auto parts,” Mr. Pavares said.

“This is a great opportunity for the company to invest in the online market.”

Sint Krongphanich, managing director of PSP Specialties, said he expects the digital platforms business to add value to his business and expand the customer base.

“This will strengthen the company’s expertise, create a wide range of innovative businesses and add value to our existing offerings,” he said.

PSP Specialties also sells services related to lubricants and specialty products in the automotive and industrial sectors.

“With our expansion in e-commerce and with the help of our partner WhatsEGG, we are confident that we can develop the best markets for automotive components and spare parts in Thailand,” said Mr. Sint.

Established in 1989 to provide oil storage to major oil companies, the company now stores and distributes over 3 billion liters of fuel per year, with sales of 10 billion baht.

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