PSP to launch nationwide protests against Federal and Sindh governments

Announcing the launch of a series of nationwide protests against Pakistan’s “incompetent and corrupt” federal government Tehreek-e-Insaf and the “corrupt, incompetent and partial” Sindh government of the Pakistan People’s Party, President Pak Sarzameen party Syed Mustafa Kamal said on Saturday that if Pakistan needed to be saved, then it had to be “go Zardari go, next to“ go Niazi go ”.

“The incompetent Rikshaw drivers of the PTI have been given the operating seat of an F-16, which will not only certainly crash the plane, but also certainly destroy the runway and the terminal,” Kamal said, during a press conference in Pakistan. Secretariat, the party’s central office in Karachi.

He said that “the corrupt PPP wants to become a political ghazi” by hiding behind an incompetent PTI, but the PSP would not let the PPP hide behind the incompetence of the PTI.

He said the first and only protest in the series of protests would take place on November 2 in the central district of Karachi. “The federal government’s incompetence of the PTI also exacerbated the Tehreek-e-Labbaik problem.

Before forming the central government, the PTI claimed it would bring the looted money back to the people, but to date it has not recovered any looted rupees, the PSP chief said.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan got a mandate from Karachi. Despite holding the posts of president and governor of the city, Imran Khan forgot to save Karachi, Pakistan’s economic lifeline, from corruption and PPP prejudices, ”he said. “In order to extend his government in the federation, Khan gave the PPP carte blanche in Sindh.”

The much-talked-about change had brought nothing but bloodshed, as nothing had been going well in Pakistan for three years, and in Sindh for 13 years, he said.

“Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was prosecuted for making an expensive LNG deal, but now the government itself is buying more expensive LNG.”

Hospitals managed by KMC

Discussing the city’s civic issue, Kamal said the unelected and ignorant PPP administrator said that except for sanitation and garbage collection, education and health were not expected. the responsibility of local government.

“All over the world, local governments are in charge of airports, ports, police, education, health and even infrastructure. Administrators hand over municipal institutions to the PPP as if the institutions were the personal dynasty of the PPP. Now the PPP is focusing on Karachi Heart Disease Hospital, Karachi Medical and Dental College and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, ”he said.

“From Karachi to Kashmore, the PPP can’t even properly run a single hospital, but it wants to take over the local government-run institutions of Pakistan’s economic lifeline just to recruit incompetent candidates by taking bribes. de-vin, ”Kamal said.

He said the Sindhi brothers were also receiving jobs for bribes of millions of rupees. “They even sell the job of a police officer for 1.2 million to 1.3 million rupees. The first right to employment belongs to a resident of that particular region, ”he said.

“Nadeem Qamar, the brother of a central PPP leader, who receives a salary of 6 million rupees from NICVD despite his retirement, illegally withdrew 130 million rupees from the NICVD account,” he alleged.

“Nadeem Qamar, who is currently dealing with cases of NAB, went to Karachi Heart Disease Hospital and informed the hospital administration of the takeover,” he said. .

The PSP would not allow any occupation of the city’s government property and institutions, Kamal said. “Over the past 13 years, the government of Sindh has received 10,242 billion rupees from the federation under the NFC. In each project, up to Rs 70-80 billion of corruption was committed by the provincial government, ”he said.

“How can the undisputed kings of corruption, PPPs, protest the incompetent PTI?” Asked Kamal. He said the chief minister of Sindh, who was leading the protests, should explain why more than seven million children were out of school despite the fact that the PPP had spent 2.3 trillion rupees on development projects.

“Children are deprived of vaccines, no drinking water, no treatment is available. Two hundred and fifty thousand jobs were awarded by the partial government led by PPP, but not a single candidate domiciled in Karachi and Hyderabad got a job. “

“The Karachi business was destroyed under cover of a coronavirus lockdown. Inflation is unprecedented and federal ministers justify their failure, ”he said. “The most ironic aspect is that the PTI-appointed Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan pointed out the advantages of the depreciation of the rupee against the US dollar,” he said. “The country is increasingly in debt. We have to repay these loans in dollars.

Anti-intrusion training

Kamal insisted that compensation be given to those affected under the pretext of removing illegal encroachments. He said a 120-meter, 100,000-meter plot should be allocated to each family, but the Sindh government would not. The court should ensure compensation for victims before demolishing the buildings, he suggested.

During my time as mayor, he said, we have hosted over ten thousand families by providing them with alternative land and money, and they were all satisfied and not even a single stone was made. launched.

The court itself called the chief minister and declared him a thief, and the SBCA was responsible for all illegal construction throughout the city, Kamal noted. “If you want to detonate illegal constructions with bombs, then detonate the SBCA, including its corrupt officials. In doing so, the culture of illegal constructions will stop not only in the city but across the country once and for all. . “

CNIC for Biharis, Bengalis

Kamal also said that Imran Khan in his first speech as Prime Minister said the biggest problem in Karachi was ID cards for Bengalis. “But in the past three years, ID cards have not been issued to the millions of Biharis and Bengalis living in Karachi.”

Despite the use of Karachi’s resources, millions of people could not be counted in the census, he said. “This is why the doors to education and health are closed to the Bihari and Bengali communities. “

He called on the government to immediately issue CNICs to Biharis and Bengalis.

Bridge in Chitral

The PSP chief said that Chitral is not only the largest district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, but also the most sensitive district in Pakistan, which shares borders with three countries internationally. The people are Pakistani patriots, but the government, due to its incompetence, causes great unrest among the people.

“Instead of increasing the number of seats in national and provincial assemblies, they have been further reduced, which is a total injustice,” he said. “Winter has started in Chitral but the only Torkho Bridge connecting Upper Chitral to Lower Chitral could not be built, which could lead to human tragedy.”

The PSP had been asking the government for three years to complete the bridge immediately, he said.

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