PSP’s Brad Bowyer Questions The “Mechanical” Appearance Of Letters And Messages That Give Government Apologies

Referring to a letter published in The Straits Times, Singapore Party (PSP) politician Brad Bowyer said he found it “amazing” how “the letters look like clockwork” to apologize or say that Singapore is not as bad as another country or another country is also facing similar problems.

The letter in question, entitled ‘Easy to point the finger with retrospective bias (May 25)‘, seems to defend the government’s response to the COVID-19 situation. It was written in response to an earlier comment by former Straits Times editor Leslie Fong on May 20, who raised the concept of “thumos” as a possible explanation for public discontent that the government does not respond to early calls to stop top arrivals. countries at risk.

“Thumos”, as described by Mr. Fong in his item, is “the inner force that prompts a person to speak out or act resentfully against those who reject them and their opinions because they see them as uninformed or incapable of understanding the truths they know”.

Responding to Mr Fong’s comment, the letter’s author Desiree Chan noted that she believes there is more to blame than the public or social media on the government than just thumos. One of these factors is that the decision to handle a given situation ultimately rests with elected officials, and it is up to them to consider public comments.

Chan also cited a retrospective bias, explaining that if COVID-19 numbers had not increased, previous complaints about imported threats “would not have been validated.”

She concluded the letter by saying that countries like Taiwan have also suffered a resurgence of COVID-19 cases even without South Asian arrivals.

Following this, Mr. Bowyer in a Facebook message Wednesday (May 26) said he didn’t care what other countries were doing, but rather what was happening in Singapore and if there was any accountability.

“Personally, no matter what X does, I care about what’s going on here and do we have responsibilities, are corrective actions taken when things go wrong and making sure that better choices are made. be done in the future…. Which sometimes requires changing decision-makers, ”he writes.

“You can always find someone worse than you if that’s what you want to do to deflect reviews and comments, but until we stick to the comparison with the BEST and strive to providing the BEST and making ourselves RESPONSIBLE for our failures, we will continue to decline. path we’re on until we really can’t find anyone worse than us to compare to.

Mr Bowyer further pointed out that if people do not collectively ask better of those who are paid millions to run the country, but rather perpetuate the practice of making excuses for their failures, then they will also have to “get used to it. to worse and worse results and more. and no more failures until the weight of these failures is unbearable ”.

“Is this really what we want?” he asked.

“Personally, I think Singaporeans deserve much better and I’m ready to stand up and ask before we get to this sad state… what about you?”

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