PSP’s Jess Chua: Singapore Core can’t be anything but Singaporeans

Singapore – Progress Singapore Party (PSP) PSP Youth Catalyst leader Ms. Chua Hui Kee Jess pointed out in a Facebook post that Singapore’s core must be Singaporeans.

The PSP Facebook page shared the post she wrote.

She disagreed with Deputy Premier Heng Swee Keat.

He was speaking at a virtual press conference organized by the Emerging Stronger Taskforce on May 17 when asked which term – “Singapore core” or “Singapore core” – best fits the policy of the United States. Singapore in terms of manpower.

Mr. Heng replied that the “Singapore core” should not be defined too narrowly.

The minister said the core of Singapore should be made up of individuals who are committed to Singapore and its well-being, instead of being defined in terms of whether someone was born in Singapore, a new citizen or a foreigner who runs a business.

Ms. Chua wrote, “I challenge DPM Heng’s choice to use ‘engagement’ as a criterion.”

She explained that commitments vary in duration and that work commitments are rewarded with remuneration and end at the end of the employment contract.

She noted that citizenship, however, is a lifelong commitment.

“Singapore citizens, whether natural or naturalized, must be the core of Singapore. Period, ”she wrote.

Ms. Chua clarified that although non-Singaporeans do not form the core of Singapore, they do have a role to play. “Throughout the country’s history, they have been a part of our company and we will continue to call on them to complement our local workforce,” she added.

Ms. Chua said that regardless of their abilities and level of contribution, none of the foreigners came to Singapore “out of altruism; they didn’t travel across countries just to help build Singapore or increase our gross domestic product. They have come here to seek better opportunities for themselves ”.

“The powers that be should not mask Singapore’s identity to adapt it to their political objectives. The Singapore Core cannot be anything other than Singaporeans, ”she said.

In closing her post, Ms. Chua referred to the 1987 National Day Parade theme song, “We Are Singapore”. The last line, “We are Singaporeans, Singaporeans” – “Now this serves as a beacon for what the Singapore Core should be,” she wrote. / TISG Follow us on social media

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