Quickly done! Costco restocked the Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X invariably sells out immediately at any retailer that stocks it, making it a popular holiday find and granting legitimate bragging rights to anyone lucky enough to be quick enough to get it.

Stores such as Walmart (WMT) and Costco (COST) have regularly restocked Microsoft’s flagship $ 500 gaming console, but given the high demand, blink and you’ll likely miss your chance.

But Costco shoppers with a paid warehouse retailer subscription have another chance. On Tuesday, the company’s website showed that it had restocked the gaming console as a “members-only item.” The bundle includes the console and an additional controller, priced at $ 549.99.

More than a year after their first launches, Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Microsoft’s high-end Xbox Series X remain hard to find. The more recently launched Nintendo Switch OLED model, which went on sale in October 2021, is even harder to find on shelves and online. Device restockings sell out in minutes.
Microsoft (MSFT) said its Xbox Series X consoles will continue to be restocked. The tech giant said it was “working as quickly as possible with our manufacturing and retail partners to expedite production and shipping to meet unprecedented demand.”

The company added, “We recommend that you check availability with local retailers.”

Costco said it plans to restock Xbox Series X consoles later this week or next week.

– CNN’s Jennifer Korn contributed to this story.

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