Ranks struggle against encroachment of high-level positions by PSP officers – Newspaper

LAHORE: Provincial Service Police Officers have written to the Chief Secretary that Pakistan Police Service (PSP) officers have “illegally” occupied nearly 200 seats reserved for provincial cadre officers in the province.

On PSP cadre rules, they say that according to the schedule and minutes of the Inter-Provincial Coordinating Committee meeting, only 162 out of 362 sanctioned posts are allocated to the federal service workforce of Pakistan on a “sharing basis”, while the remaining positions are reserved for provincial service.

They lodged a complaint with the Chief Secretary of Punjab after they claimed senior police officials remained indifferent to their numerous correspondences in this regard.

Before filing a complaint, the police officers of the provincial services sensitized the high administrative and judicial authorities to lead the case to the logical end.

An official with knowledge of the ranking police officers meeting said that one of the attendees raised the fact that currently only two ranking police officers work as district police officers – in Okara and Mandi Bahauddin. No senior officer has been assigned as a regional police officer in Punjab for the past few years. This aspect has further widened the gap between the two police communities.

They wrote to the Secretary General: “Any appointment beyond the above-mentioned strength, that is to say 162, is obviously illegal and amounts to an encroachment on the rights of the provincial police officers”.

They say the posting of federal officers to provincial seats is also against the spirit of the constitution and operating rules of the Punjab government, 2011.

They say police officers assigned through the Provincial Civil Service Commission (PPSC) are eligible to be assigned to BS-19 when around 50 such positions are vacant.

“These officers were further eligible to be considered for promotions to the rank of BS-20 and BS-21 in Punjab,” the letter said.

The letter cites the Police Department’s notification dated November 14, 2019, that seniority and service fall under the provision of Section 7(2) of the Punjab Civil Servants Act 1974 and the Rule and of Rule 8 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointments and Conditions of Service) Act 1974.

They say that according to the Punjab Commercial Rules 2011, Section 23(I), read together with the Fourth Set of Schedules No. 10, the Chief Minister is empowered to make appointments, promotions, assignments and transfers of SSP (BS-19), DIG (BS -20) and additional IG (BS-21).

“In view of the above, it is humbly submitted that the postings of the PSP Officers cannot be made above their intended posts i.e. 162 shared posts in Punjab and the officers of the provincial police may kindly be considered for promotion from vacant senior staff positions,” reads the letter, requesting the intervention of the Chief Secretary for legal and administrative reasons to ensure justice for police officers who constitute more than 90 percent of Punjab’s 200,000 police force.

IGP Rao Sardar Ali Khan said he commands and treats provincial and federal officers alike.

Punjab Headquarters DIG Rai Babar said the cases of nearly 40 Punjab Service Police officers serving in BS 18 have been finalized to ship them to confinement in the PSP.

He dismissed the provincial service officers’ claim that the Punjab Assembly amendment would solve their promotion and other service issues, saying the changes were also needed in the rules of the federal government.

On claims that after integration into the PSP, their seniority will seriously harm their careers, the DIG said that after integration into the PSP, they should follow the rules of the federal government within the given circumferences.

“What we can do is that we are ready to give them equal opportunities to occupy top positions in Punjab after the change of cadre.”

Posted in Dawn, March 22, 2022

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