Rumor: I’d be happy if the rumor that Sony’s PSP 5G looks like this, but that’s the problem.

These PS Vita X renderings will strike a chord with fans, but Sony needs to forget the nostalgia and innovate

I actually switched to the PSP and bought a PS Vita, which is the more powerful of the two and generally the better overall. Production of both devices has since been halted, and although I still have my console and games, my Vita has been languishing on a shelf for years. If Sony is really working on a handheld, I’m on board. And if it looks like this render, I’d be happy – but I think I might be in the minority with it.

Although I love my consoles, I have always had a soft spot for handhelds. It’s a completely different gaming experience. The game library is very different from my collection of home consoles, and of course, there’s the portability factor. Sure, smartphones are powerful and you can snag certain attachments to create a somewhat similar experience on the go, but it’s just not the same. So the rumors of a Sony PSP 5G of course have me ecstatic.

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Product design student Karim scoffed at an updated PS Vita design based on the rumbles Sony is throwing out a handheld that’s ready for 2021. The device is expected to come with 5G connectivity to give it a go. would take full advantage of Sony’s PS Now game streaming service. options at your fingertips. The GSMaholic YouTube channel has put all the renders together in one video for you above, and it looks fantastic!

The PS Vita is thicc, as the children say; it weighs 260g and is quite compact. The Nintendo Switch, for comparison, weighs around 400g with the Joy-Con controllers attached and around 300g without; but it has a significantly larger form factor. It’s fair to say that the PS Vita is positively big, all things considered.

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  • I’ll be happy if the rumor that Sony’s PSP 5G looks like this, but that’s the problem.
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