Sable’s Creative Director details new patch for PC and Xbox

Shedworks Creative Director Gregorios Kythreotis details the new bug fixes and accessibility settings available in the latest Sable patch.

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Shedworks and Raw Fury’s Sable has been acclaimed for his remarkable sense of exploration and striking visuals. As a young girl on her glider, Sable ventures through sand swept panoramas on a hoverbike to engage in side quests and receive badges which can then be handed out for unique masks.

Unfortunately, players have also argued that their experiences with Sable were plagued by bugs and issues encountered since launch. However, it can be hoped that some of these glaring issues will be resolved today, especially thanks to a recent advice from Gregorios Kythreotis, Sablecreative director of Shedworks and half of Shedworks alongside Daniel Fineberg, programmer of Shedworks.

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SableThe latest patch, 3.3.6, has been shared by Kythreotis and is now available to all players. SableThe patch notes for PC and Xbox list identical issues that have been fixed, such as a plethora of bugs that gamers have encountered on either platform. For example, the fix aimed to resolve “an issue where the skybox flickered at dusk and dawn” and “an issue where some players could not choose color palettes in the bike customization menu”.

One bug fix involves flying beetles and goats, while another deals with the possibility of getting stuck in the Atomic Core outside of Eccria. Additionally, general improvements have apparently been made to stuttering and frame drops, which was apparent in Sableprevious demo.

But there are also a few other things in store for players the next time they start. Sable. Kythreotis explains that new settings options are available starting with today’s patch, giving players a number of substantial accessibility options. On the console, these settings include an FOV slider, lineweight modifier, and high visibility color mode. But on PC there are a few more settings options available, such as “display quality settings” for drawing distance and shadow detail, as well as the keyboard shortcut for the Cntrl key, which can now be accessed. used to “run Sable”.

It is a testimony of SableThe quality that gamers always express by having a fantastic time with the game, despite its performance issues. Hopefully fans are hoping this patch can rectify one of the Sablethe current drawbacks so that it can fully shine afterwards.

Sable is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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