Sony is looking for beta testers for PlayStation 5 software update

In an announcement by Playstation, PlayStation 5 users can now sign up to be testers of a beta version of the system software that will roll out later this year.

System updates are common in the age of live updates. These measures can keep the system running smoothly, fix unexpected bugs, and add new functionality. They can also be a headache because updating tests and poorly optimized tests can cause problems.

Interested candidates can apply here. Entrants must be at least 18 years old, be located in certain regions (United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France or Germany), have a valid PSN account, and send feedback to Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Applicants will be alerted by email on how to download the beta version of the next system software. It appears that Sony expects this beta testing process to occur for other important updates, as any participant “will also be added to the pool of potential participants for future beta versions of the PS5 system software automatically without having to to register again “.

Of note, there doesn’t seem to be any pros or cons to being a beta tester other than testing potential features before an official launch.

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