Star Ocean: Where to legally find every game

The Ocean star The series is quite remarkable when it comes to RPGs, as the franchise’s first game is one of the earliest known examples of player choice impacting a game’s story and ending. may not have been very well received, Ocean star fans could argue that the series is one of the most underrated RPGs owned by Square Enix. With the announcement of Star Ocean: The Divine Force, however, many discover the Ocean star series for the first time and may want to check out the entries from the previous main series.

Since the original Ocean star released on the Super Famicon in Japan, it can be a bit difficult to find the legal versions of these games to play. However, with much of the early Ocean star With games seeing re-releases and quite a few remasters, there are ways to experience this underrated RPG series. There is a way to play almost every Ocean star game legally at this time, although some may require you to dig into some older systems.

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Star Ocean / Star Ocean: first departure R

Promotional art from Star Ocean First Depature R.

The original Super Famicom version of Ocean star has never been released outside of Japan, with only a fan-made English translation available through emulation. However, that changed in 2007 when Star Ocean: first departure was released for the PlayStation Portable. It was the first time that the original Ocean star the game was legally playable outside of Japan.

The PSP version is not the only way to find out Star Ocean: first departure, because an improved version of the remake was released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in 2019. Star Ocean: First Departure R even features re-recorded dialogue from the actors of the original Super Famicom version. While reviews of First departure R were not impressed with the limited changes in the PSP version, this is still the best way to experience the original Ocean star.

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Star Ocean: The Second Story

The cover of the PSP version of Star Ocean Second Evolution.

The first game of the Ocean star the series is quite widely available, especially considering the improved remake released in 2019. However, it’s harder to find a way to play Star Ocean: The Second Story Nowadays. The second story saw a remaster called Star of the ocean: second evolution which was released on the PSP. However, the latest improved version of Second evolution was released on PlayStation 4 and only in Japan.

While Second evolution is undoubtedly the best version of Second story out there it’s not the easiest version to find. Fans outside of Japan should either seek out the PSP version of the game or stick with the classic PlayStation version for this RPG. Online, discs for The second story go pretty cheap, although a full boxed copy is a pretty serious collector’s item that typically costs around $ 200.00.

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Ocean star: blue sphere

Promotional art for Star Ocean Blue Sphere.

Ocean star: blue sphere even more difficult to find a working version of. Blue Sphere was originally released in 2001 for the GameBoy Color, although it saw a mobile device re-release in 2009. The problem with both versions of these games, at least for international fans, is that they don’t. never been located and have only been published in Japan. To put it simply, fans of Ocean star outside of Japan can not play Blue Sphere.

The lack of a localized version of Blue Sphere seems to be due to bad timing. Square Enix shifted its priorities towards releasing games for the GameBoy Advance when Blue Sphere has been freed. Coupled with the cartridge space required by a localized version, Square Enix decided not to localize Blue Sphere. Unless a port or remaster is announced, there is no way to legally play Ocean star: blue sphere outside of Japan.

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Star Ocean: Until the end of time

Cover of Star Ocean Till the End of Time.

The next game in the main series in the Ocean star series after The second story is Star Ocean: Until the end of time. This game did a lot to set itself apart from similar RPGs of the day, mainly in how Until the end of time manages the fights. Instead of turn-based combat that involves selecting options from a menu, this entry to the series introduces real-time combat that was considered quite revolutionary for RPGs as a whole.

There are many ways to play Until the end of time, as players can choose between the original version, the Director’s Cup or the 2017 reissue of the PlayStation 4. Fans outside of Japan will not have Director’s Cup or the PlayStation 4 version, although it seems that all versions of this game have received pretty strong reviews. Usually the PlayStation 4 version of Until the end of time is considered the best way to find this entry.

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope

A screenshot from Star Ocean The Last Hope.

Originally released in 2009, Star Ocean: The Last Hope has pushed the RPG series fully into the sci-fi genre, and that’s where it remains firmly to this day. Apart from the mechanics of piloting the ship, The last hope also put more emphasis on team combat. The resulting mix of gameplay and storytelling has generally received favorable reviews, being considered one of the best games released by Square Enix at this time.

The last hope saw its release on multiple platforms, including the series debuting on multiple platforms for the first time, including Xbox 360 and PC. The Xbox 360 version is generally considered to be worse than the PS4 and PC versions of the game. The easiest way to check The last hope today it is probably the Steam version.

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Star Ocean: Integrity and infidelity

A screenshot of the fight in Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness

Released in 2016, Star Ocean: Integrity and infidelity took the franchise further into cinematic storytelling with its use of cutscenes and the continuous improvement of the party member’s AI system that has been a long-standing staple of the series. While this game hasn’t been rated as well by critics, there has been a lot of praise for the story and the characters.

Those looking to play Integrity and infidelity It will probably only be able to find the game’s PS4 port. Although it was originally released on PlayStation 3, this version was never released outside of Japan. PS4 port would still be the best way to play Integrity and infidelity because it’s on a fairly modern console which is probably the most widely available version of the game.

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