Star Wars Battlefront 3 PSP Test Building Surfaces, But It’s Not What It Seems

All kinds of weird stuff is coming out of Reddit.

A post on the r/gaming subreddit appears to show a test copy of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 for PSP, which is owned by the poster’s fiancé.

“LucasArts was a client of a relative of my fiancé at the time, and he was able to test many games, one of which was Star Wars: Battlefront 3, after it was canceled, and all the assets were collected to send back to Skywalker Ranch, one of the game test carts for the PSP version was left behind, he being young, he didn’t think much about it and took it home, tested it, AI, CTF and Conquest battles all worked fine,” the user wrote.

“Years later, browsing through his old games, he found it and as far as we know, since we can’t find any others online, he has the only copy of the canceled Star Wars game.”

It appeared that the pair were looking to sell the copy for the right price, but other than the obvious legal ramifications of selling an unauthorized copy of a game, the build isn’t what it first appears.

Rather than an actual early version of Battlefront 3, it actually appears to be an early version of Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, a PSP spin-off released in 2009.

As one Reddit user points out, “It’s Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron. It’s Battlefront 3 but under a different name, and rebranded/released as a spin-off for PSP and DS after being canceled. It has the same story Battlefront 3 was supposed to have, assets and characters.”

“The game has been scaled down and many of the assets from the previous spin-off (SW Battlefront Renegade Squadron) have been added, along with Renegade Squadron’s customization system and troop models. It also has the same weapons as Renegade Squadron, “explains the commentator.

“It looks like your fiancé’s parent got a copy of Elite Squadron before it got that name, and was still Battlefront 3. Pretty interesting nonetheless, and I wonder if this version is different from the released version of ‘Elite Squadron in addition to being titled Battlefront 3?

Star Wars Battlefront 3 will then remain a mystery. Development of the game was given to studio TimeSplitters Free Radical in 2006, but it was never officially unveiled until it was canceled two years later.

In 2012, Free Radical co-founder and director David Doak told Eurogamer that it was one of the most ambitious games the studio had ever worked on so far.

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