Surprise! A brand new Call of Duty game is launching this year

Here’s some news that no one saw coming: Activision has confirmed plans to release a new Call of Duty game later this year. wow! Everyone is surprised! After the usual three-year development cycle, we return to Infinity Ward. The team recently released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019, and their next entry is expected to follow directly from that.

The team even tweeted in celebration, “A new generation of Call of Duty is coming soon. Stay chill.” And that’s all the official information we have at the moment. Activision likes to reveal Call of Duty titles later in the year in the present day, with the previous two installments using Warzone to share what’s next in the series.

The obvious backdrop to all of this is Microsoft’s acquisition of the publisher for $68 billion. The deal isn’t expected to have much – if any – effect on this year’s Call of Duty title, so it’ll be business as usual. The FPS franchise is set to stay on PlayStation 5 and PS4 until at least the end of 2023, so we still have some time before we have to say goodbye. Although Xbox Phil Spencer has expressed his desire to “keep Call of Duty on PlayStation” anyway.

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