Tetris Effect gets free connected multiplayer expansion on PS4 in August

We like Tetris Effect a bit here at Push Square, so we were very excited when Enhance Games announced Connected, a free multiplayer add-on. Unfortunately, PlayStation 4 users had to wait around eight months for the expansion. The good news is that the wait is almost over – it will launch next month on August 18.

The free update will add all connected modes to the existing game, allowing you to play cooperatively and competitively with your friends. The titular mode sees you and two others joining forces to clear the lines together and take down the bosses. Meanwhile, Zone Battle pits you against another player in a one-on-one match with the Zone mechanic enabled, and Score Attack has you playing separately with a competitor for a high score.

Additionally, this update will also allow multi-platform play with all other systems, which means you will have plenty of people to drop blocks with. There is also a spectator mode so you can watch skilled players compete against each other, a PAL Speed ​​feature that mimics what the game felt on the NES, and a Slow Speed ​​mode that slows down the speed of the game if you want to. wish.

Again, it’s all free and comes in the form of a game update for all players, so just watch out for the patch when it arrives on August 18th. Will you be playing Tetris Effect: Connected? T-spin in the comments section below.

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