The 10 best Xbox 360 games that you totally forgot

The seventh generation was an interesting time in the game. The previous generation was a bit of a mixed bag, with the absolute dominance of the PlayStation 2 and the stellar debut of Microsoft’s Xbox. And while it didn’t stand a chance of catching Sony and the PS2, it certainly established itself as a quality console.

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But it all changed in the seventh generation, and suddenly Microsoft was at the top with the Xbox 360. The console is an all-time classic, with some of the best games and exclusives of all time. While most of these games are well known, some have sadly fallen apart over the years.

ten Shadow Complex (2009)

Shoot a giant robot in Shadow Complex

Shade complex was released by Microsoft itself and served as the Metroidvania headline. Players control a man named Jason who must save his girlfriend Claire from a mysterious underground complex.

It was a wonderful little game reminiscent of the Metroid franchise, with exciting gameplay and a surprisingly awesome storytelling. Sadly, the game was released exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade, which means it never received the attention it deserved.

9 Alan Wake (2010)

alan wake remastered flashlight

Today, Alan wake is beloved as a cult classic. It is not particularly well known among the general public, but those who have played it really Enjoy it. Manufactured by Remedy Entertainment from Max Payne fame, the game is a fascinating mix of Stephen King and Twin peaks.

The gameplay is also quite unique, as players are forced to fight shadow monsters with beams of light. Combined with a beautiful atmosphere, Alan wake is a very memorable game that failed to achieve the mainstream popularity of previous Remedy titles.

8 Repression (2007)

Repression is a glorious mix of superheroes and open world action games. The game was directed by David Jones, who is perhaps best known for creating the legendary Grand Theft Auto series.

The game sold well at first, thanks to some very powerful and very fun gameplay mechanics, not to mention coming with a multiplayer trial for the highly anticipated. Halo 3. However, time and successive disappointing sequels have killed the name, and it’s now seen as little more than a nostalgic memory.

7 Strangulation (2007)

One person shoots another in Stranglehold

hard boiled is one of John Woo’s best action movies, and strangulation serves as an official sequel. Made with Unreal Engine 3, strangulation was made in direct collaboration with Woo himself, who provided much of the creative direction for the game.

Players were thrilled to see Chow Yun-fat return as Tequila, and the game was a pretty exciting third-person shooter with fun bullet mechanics. He is very Max Payne, but there is nothing inherently wrong with that.

6 Kameo: Elements of Power (2005)

Kameo looking at the camera in Kameo

Few in-game stories are as tragic as that of Rare. Rare was once one of the biggest names in gaming, but they have since been relegated to memory and to unforgettable titles. In 2005, they created Kameo, a fun but little-known beat-em-up that nicely mixes combat mechanics with fantasy elements.

The game was a technical marvel of its day, and it helped establish the Xbox 360 as a powerful console capable of displaying incredible graphics. It obviously looks dated today, which is a shame, as much of its magic lay in its groundbreaking production.

5 Dance center (2010)

A dancing character on Dance Central

Dance games are nothing new, and at the turn of the 2010s, the Guitar Hero the franchise dominated the genre of music and rhythm. Dance center was a great game to sweat, and it was also a lot of fun from a gameplay standpoint.

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While it’s hard to imagine modern dance games being fresh and invigorating, Dance center was a great success. It has sold millions, got great reviews from critics, and even launched a new franchise. With Dance center, gamers have finally realized the potential of the Kinect.

4 Gun (2005)

Firearm was introduced as an Xbox 360 launch title in November 2005, and it made a spectacular debut. The 21st century has seen fantastic Western movies, but a surprising lack of quality Western games. Firearm and of course, Red Dead Redemption, proved the exception.

It turned out to be a very fun western, and it was arguably the best example of the genre before Rockstar came up with their masterpiece. Sadly, Rockstar also killed most of the memories associated with this underrated and often forgotten title.

3 Singularity (2010)

Monsters approaching a player in Singularity

Today, Raven Software is known to develop several Call of Duty securities. But right before they get the job and develop call of Duty Black Ops, they created a sci-fi action game called Singularity.

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The game perfectly blended first-person shooter and horror elements, and it featured a unique time feature that allowed players to manipulate the events of the game. The title was well received by critics and fans alike. , but the lack of follow-up meant that it was quickly forgotten.

2 The Saboteur (2009)

The Saboteur video game

Today, The saboteur is best known for being the latest game released by Pandemic Studios. However, it is also worth remembering because of the qualities inherent in its gameplay and design. Video games from WWII are certainly not uncommon – in the early 2000s, virtually all war games were set during WWII.

Corn The saboteur did something a little different and offered an open world experience in German-occupied France. This premise alone was well worth the price of admission.

1 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (2010)

Outward facing characters in Enslaved

Slave shares some similarities with Horizon Zero Dawn, including the setting of a post-apocalyptic future ravaged by massive robots. However, he’s not as popular, which is a shame given the talent involved.

The game was co-written by screenwriter Alex Garland of 28 days later and Annihilation fame, and it features a strong motion capture performance from the master himself, Andy Serkis. Despite the incredible names attached to the game, poor gameplay and disappointing technical performance have doomed the game to obscurity.

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