The New RIG PRO Compact Controller for Xbox Series X | S includes Dolby Atmos for headphones

The RIG PRO Compact Controller is, as the name suggests, a compact controller with a more condensed design. Officially designed for the Xbox Series X | S, the PRO Compact is a wired controller with a 10ft nylon braided cable, textured grips and joysticks, programmable options for button mapping, joystick sensitivity, trigger dead zones, and more , oversized buttons for added comfort, and more. The PRO Compact already looks like it could find its place on our list of the best controllers for Xbox Series X | S, but Nacon has included another feature that makes the PRO Compact the first of its kind.

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Nacon’s RIG PRO Compact controller is the first controller to include full Dolby Atmos support for headphones. This means that plugging the PRO Compact into your Xbox Series X | S or Windows 10 and downloading the Dolby Access app gives you premium 3D sound through headphones plugged into the 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom of the PRO Compact.

If you are interested in the RIG PRO Compact controller, it is now becoming available in black and white colourways in North America. It will be interesting to see if this controller can withstand the aggressive controller market. However, the inclusion of Dolby Atmos support up front makes the PRO Compact quite interesting.

Hands and ears

Xbox RIG PRO Compact Controller

An excellent controller with a great advantage.

The RIG PRO Compact Controller may be good enough on its own with a compact design, customizable buttons, and a new Share button, but it takes it a step further by including Dolby Atmos support for Xbox Series X | S and Windows 10.

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