The PS5 is still the best console of choice in the United States

A year later since its release, Sony’s PlayStation 5 remains the country’s premier console of choice. The PS5 is the most popular toy in the United States, beating all other competitors.

According to a new study by The toys area, by analyzing data from Google search, the PS5 remains at the top of research related to games in the country. In contrast, the Xbox Series X is the most sought after by our Canadian neighbors. In summary, PlayStation consoles remain the top choice among 112 countries, with 71 of those 112 countries looking more for the PS4 than the PS5. The study also reveals that the PS3 remains a popular research topic, especially in Africa and Asia.

This study sheds light on what people would likely buy while on vacation. With PS5 shortages continuing, it makes sense that PS4 and PS3 searches continue to be popular. In fact, the PS5 and Xbox Series X remain scarce, which has led to quirks such as the Xbox Series S becoming the top-selling console in this year’s Black Friday sale.

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