The PS5 will let you say “Hey PlayStation!” to control it with your voice, Sony says as it announces new beta software update

The PlayStation 5 will soon be able to listen when its owners speak to it, Sony has announced.

An upcoming software update will give players the option to say “Hey PlayStation!” then give the console a range of voice commands.

They will include opening games or apps, changing settings, or skipping songs, for example.

Users will have the option to turn it off entirely in settings, if they wish, and Sony has stressed that it won’t retain any recordings made using children’s accounts.

The feature is part of a new beta software update that will be rolling out this week to participants in its test program. The full version will arrive “later this year”, Sony said.

The new update also brings a range of other changes, including renaming voice chats to “parties” and giving users the option to open them – so friends can join – or close them. Players can now also pin games or apps to the home screen, as well as other updates.

Sony notes that all changes are part of a beta release and will therefore be subject to the same issues as any kind of testing. This seems especially true for the voice command feature, which is only tested in the UK and US and for which Sony asks users to send in detailed feedback on how the experience went.

Players can sign up to be part of the PlayStation 5 software betas on Sony’s website. The company will select people to participate – and stresses that while they will have access to early features, they should also be aware that the software is in early form and could be incomplete or have issues.

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