The Summer Game Fest Xbox demo event returns June 15-21

Get a load of minimalist art from Sable.

Get a load of Sableminimalist art.
Picture: Raw fury

From aging musical acts to partnership deals with capitalist empires ruining Earth, there’s a lot to tease Summer game party. One thing that’s ironically cool? The demo event, which lets Xbox gamers play a ton of indie games for free. following last year’s successful inaugural race, he will be back next week. Microsoft announced the news in a blog post today.

Last summer, if you remember, was inundated with rowdy press conferences. Without an E3 to cluster around, it was as if publishers big and small were hosting weekly events for months on end. It was … a lot. So, in between the hubbub, it was nice to take a break with an event that not only shed light on smaller titles but also gave players the chance to play them as well. And a lot of those games were really great. Among the more than 70 available, some-Haven, Cakes, Raji: an ancient epic, Genesis Black– have obtained marks as true standouts of the past year.

Fortunately, this year’s event will feature 40 games. (As great as 70 is, one week isn’t enough to play them all.) Xbox has yet to release the full roster, but teased five today:

  • Sable, an open-world exploration game whose soundtrack is Michelle Zauner (who you may know as Japanese breakfast).
  • The fault breaker, a sci-fi base-building game about giant robots, planned for an autumn outing.
  • Lake, a scripted adventure game set in 1986 in a village by the ocean, wait, no, by a lake.
  • Echo generation, a turn-based adventure game with delicious voxel art.
  • Tunic, who… little fox. That’s all you need to know.
tunic xbox game summer game fest demo event

Alright everyone is going awww for Tunic.
Screenshot: Finji

If this year’s event is like last year’s event, it will be worth carving out a niche in your schedule. Yeah, yeah, I know we’re all turned on by the Halosand Ancient rings. But that lighter fare tends to offer a softer and often thoughtful countermeasure to the harsh spectacle you see with the bigger publishers.

The Summer Game Fest demonstration event — which really does not get out of the tongue, eh – runs from June 15 to 21. Stay tuned for the full list of games and to find out which ones are most worth your time.

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