This infuriating Xbox Series X quirk is finally fixed

If you’ve had frustrating issues where an Xbox Series X game doesn’t launch properly when it requires an update, then don’t worry: Microsoft will soon have an update to fix the problem.

As it stands, there is an issue where if a game needs an update, it can send a user back to the Xbox Dashboard, taking around 15 seconds or more retries before a user does. be notified that an update is required. This can leave people confused as to what is going on with their console and their game.

But Eden Mariethe head of engineering at Xbox, had said that Xbox Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders will now have access to a dialogue screen within seconds that states the game “needs an update” and indicates the size of the game. the update after performing a quick calculation.

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As such, we can expect this to roll out in a full Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S update before too long.

It might seem like a small thing, but weird loading issues with newer Xbox consoles can be remarkably frustrating. I’ve encountered such oddities when trying to load games, especially when Xbox is updating other titles at the same time. (Part of me attributes this to my poor internet connection.)

This isn’t an issue I’ve encountered on the PS5 either, despite the consoles using the same CPU and graphics architecture. However, the PS5 lacks Xbox’s excellent Quick Resume feature, which allows you to have multiple games in a suspended state form, although Sony’s machine loads games so quickly that it doesn’t. is not a huge advantage. And maybe the prize for Quick Resume is that game update loading quirk.

Hopefully more updates for Xbox Series X and Series S will see both consoles run ever smoother and allow developers to squeeze more power out of the machines, especially when machines like Starfield are expected to arrive this fall.

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