The Last of Us PS5 PlayStation 5 1

When you’re a gigantic studio like Naughty Dog, something’s going to go wrong. Example: QA tester Corey Hong’s online resume refers to an “unannounced remake project.” Of course, we know exactly what this game is: The Last of Us. Although it’s less than 10 years old, it’s been known for some time now that the California studio is recreating the original release of Joel and Ellie for the PlayStation. 5 – in fact, some believe that the project is almost finished.

With the studio itself not acknowledging the project – and Sony keeping it as secret as possible – this will serve as a reminder of what the developer is up to. We also know that a standalone multiplayer game, The Last of Us, is in production – with both, we suspect, set to launch alongside the TV show. We’re curious when Naughty Dog will officially recognize these games – it’s been awfully quiet for years now.

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