Uncharted 4 makes its way to PC

Sony Interactive Entertainment listed Uncharted 4 on slide 26 of its latest investor presentation, as one of the games to be ported to PC in the coming days, ahead of its launch on the platform in late April. The unveiling matches Sony Interactive Entertainment, a company that has increasingly focused on delivering its PlayStation Studios titles to computers after an exclusive phase on the PlayStation console since the release of Horizon Zero Dawn and the upcoming release. by Days Gone. Sony’s decision to transfer some of its iconic exclusive rights to PlayStation on PC stems from its strategy of selling more games to gamers in China and India, where PC games are far more popular than console games.

Uncharted 4 and Days Gone is one of the new growth drivers that Sony has discussed with its investors. In a financial report, Sony Interactive Entertainment told investors today that it will include PlayStation Studios games, mobile games and live services, as well as new ports to the PC. Discussing new areas of growth outside of PlayStation consoles, Sony highlighted recent releases such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Oups.

Unexplored 4

Sony has always preferred to wait a few years between releasing its proprietary games on Windows – and it makes sense to do so to boost console game sales.

We’ll see what happens in the near future, but it’s good to see that PC gamers don’t need to buy a PlayStation console to play some of Sony’s exclusive games. Sony has promised that more PlayStation exclusive products will come to the PC, and the company’s presentation made it clear that the platform is interested. Considering his previous statements about his plans to bring more games to the platform, it’s hardly a shock.

It looked like this news had been buried in an error during the presentation to investors, but now we have the big boast of announcing a PC port from Sony.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told an investor meeting on Wednesday that other PC releases would be released later this year. Earlier this year, the president of SIE confirmed that the company will be bringing a slew of games to PC, starting with Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn, with a port coming out later this month. Sony has said that several different games will be ported to the PC, but with one of the most successful exclusive games of the PlayStation 4 era (not to mention the one that also looks the prettiest) Naughty Dogs, Uncharted 4 was the obvious choice.

With the arrival of Sony’s State of Play Stream in May 2021 and E3 2021, we’ll likely know more about upcoming PC versions of PlayStation games.

Over the past few months, there has been minimal talk of any Sony exclusive PlayStation titles coming to PC. In recent years, Sony has become much more receptive to porting some of its exclusive PlayStation products to PC.

Unexplored 4

During today’s Sony Investor Day presentation, the company revealed that it will continue to promote PC games with the upcoming entry in Uncharted 4. Although it seems unlikely that Sony will return to it. he era of PlayStation games on PC, as Microsoft is doing with Xbox games, it is clear that the company is making a lot of money on PC and more games will follow.

By carrying more AAA titles on the PC, there is a chance that Sony will cannibalize its console business. However, the company is also looking beyond its console ecosystem to the future, including mobile devices. During the presentation, Sony said mobile is a new area of ​​growth for PlayStation Studios, and the slides confirmed its intention to start developing PlayStation-sized games for mobile devices.

Sony revealed in a presentation to investors that it is making money with the standard PS5 devices sold in June and that the console’s production costs are cheaper than the wholesale price. We suspect that Sony will bring some of these games to the PC, where they will be in the bargain zone.

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