Users report that their digital PlayStation classics are ‘expiring’ and unplayable

Several PlayStation users have reported that some digital games no longer start on classic consoles such as PS3 and PS Vita.

As Kotaku summarizes, many users reported that their PSOne Classic version of Chrono Cross now shows a decades-old expiration date and won’t start after being downloaded.

The issue coincides with the release of the new Chrono Cross remaster for modern consoles. However, the problem is proven to extend to other older games as well.

On social media, users have reported similar expiration dates dating back decades preventing them from playing games such as Final Fantasy VI, Run Factory: Oceans, and Unit 13. One Reddit user even claims that the entire from their PS Vita library has been made inaccessible.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has yet to comment on the information.

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Kotaku suggests the issue may be related to the “Unix epoch,” which is when engineers set arbitrary dates designated as the start of an operating system’s lifespan. It is believed that some bugs default PlayStation game license expiration dates to the Unix era.

The reports once again highlight the issue of game preservation in the digital world.

In March 2021, Sony announced plans to shut down the PlayStation Store on PS3, Vita, and PSP. However, following a backlash from gamers, the company made a partial U-turn the following month, saying it would no longer close the PS3 or Vita stores, but still planned to close the PSP store, which she did last July.

It’s official, the PlayStation Vita has arrived!

Earlier this week, former Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton said he wanted Sony to provide more support for the PlayStation Vita.

The handheld system launched in 2011 as a successor to the PSP and reportedly sold less than 15 million units before it was discontinued in 2019.

In a new interview with Axios, Tretton named Vita as one of several PlayStation technologies that he said had been “a bit orphaned” by parent company Sony.

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