Video: Tales Of Arise’s opening animation is absolutely stunning

Tales of the Ascension slowly invades us, eh? It’s crazy to think that after a long radio silence, the game will be released in a little over two months. Of course, what would a Tales game be without a new opening animated sequence?

With its catchy soundtrack, the animation introduces us to the colorful world of the game and the cast of characters. We can also see their skills in full-blown anime action, which certainly gives us a clue as to how the action-JRPG will play out.

Not only that, but PlayStation Japan has released some lovely new gameplay. The graphics engine looks like a huge improvement, as does the world design. Storytelling games were often known for their sparse landscapes, but it seems jam-packed with detail. Of course, the combat is also fully on display, and although it is in Japanese, we can still revel in its absolute visceral majesty.

Tales of Zesteria, which unfortunately never made its way to Xbox, always wins the crown for best introduction for us. Its rock theme with piercing guitar riffs is ingrained in our brains, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, worth taking a look. If you’ve never sampled the series, be sure to jump on Tales of Vesperia: definitive edition with Xbox Game Pass. While some of its fights might be a bit dated now, it’s still a joyful world to explore and a great story to lose yourself in – often considered one of the best in the series.

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