What Xbox’s Microsoft Store Does Better Than PlayStation and Nintendo

The console wars have been raging for as long as anyone can remember. Only the participants have changed. In the late 1980s, Atari competed with Nintendo and Sega, whereas today Microsoft competes with Nintendo and Sony. But things are much more complicated now. In 2022, gaming is much more than cartridges and consoles.

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Services have evolved, and so has the video game industry. Everyone is competing on all fronts, whether it’s video games, hardware, merchandise, or subscriptions. It can therefore be difficult to determine who exactly is the market leader and who provides the best services. That said, Microsoft’s Xbox store has a few big advantages over its Playstation and Nintendo counterparts.

ten More frequent sales

Any good platform allows players to enjoy the game in the most profitable way possible. One way to do this is to have frequent sales. A great example of a platform that continuously offers is Steam, which always offers various amazing discounts for its player base.

Besides the PC, there are stores for Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox, which also offer sales. However, gamers are more likely to find good discounts and better prices in the Microsoft Xbox store than in the other two digital storefronts.

9 Optimized games

Although PC gaming is pretty good, it has a lot of downsides. One such downside is game optimization, as everyone in the PC community has slightly different hardware, and it’s not possible for a developer to optimize the game for all possible configurations. While consoles were free from these optimization issues a few years ago, the new wave of consoles has completely changed that.

Now, there are too many similar versions of the same game, and it can be difficult to choose which one works best. Fortunately, the Xbox store offers optimized games. In comparison, things are a bit confusing on the Sony and Nintendo side.

8 The cheapest way to get the most

This Xbox feature trumps anything Nintendo and Sony can put on the table. At least for now. The Microsoft Xbox Game Pass is probably the cheapest way to enjoy as many games as possible. The $1 starting price is nearly impossible to compete with unless one of the other companies makes their version of the game free.

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With Xbox Game Pass on the Microsoft Store, gamers can enjoy over 300 full games without paying a penny extra. If that’s not enough, Microsoft’s first-party games usually come to Xbox Game Pass on day one.

seven Minimal user interface less clutter

Everyone loves a nice, clean bedroom with nothing on the floor. At the same time, almost everyone dislikes clutter, clutter and messy rooms. The reason is quite simple, the less chaos there is, the more hygienic it is. The same goes for the user interfaces of online websites and game stores.

When it comes to the Microsoft Xbox Store, things are laid out perfectly for players to see, and everything is visible at a glance. In addition, there are many options for sorting games. While PlayStation also has a minimal user interface, Nintendo is still a mess.

6 Less about merchandise More about games

No one likes having ads thrown in their face, which is why many people opt for premium services to cut down on the time they spend watching ads for things they don’t need. The Microsoft Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and Nintendo Store are all designed to sell video games. However, some stores, like Nintendo’s, go overboard with their merchandise advertisements.

When a gamer visits the Xbox Store, all they see are video games. However, when visiting the Nintendo Store, players will see Amiibo, leg straps, microSD cards, pouch-style console cases and more. The absurdity is truly insane, as the advertisements for “cuddly and collectible character plushes” are placed before the actual games in the store.

5 Smart delivery

Microsoft describes its Smart Delivery as “a new technology introduced with Xbox Series X|S consoles. When purchasing a game with Smart Delivery, the best version of the game is automatically delivered to your console, regardless of generation – no additional steps are required on your part.”

Simply put, Smart Delivery means players won’t have to worry and figure out things in the store. Instead, they can visit the game page, buy the game, sit back and enjoy it on whatever platform they own. Things like Smart Delivery aren’t part of the Nintendo or PlayStation stores yet, which gives the Microsoft Store another point.

4 Buy once, play anywhere

When someone buys a car, they can drive it wherever they want. When someone receives a burger, they can enjoy it at home or somewhere outside. However, video games are not like that. For instance, Auto grand theft 5 is available on PS3, but a person who owns it does not get the PS4 version for free.

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Instead, the player will have to spend extra money to play the game on PS4 and even more money to play it on PS5. This practice of not giving players full access to what they buy is pretty dumb. The Xbox Store does not. Instead, it lets people buy once and enjoy the game anywhere else within the Microsoft sphere.

3 Your progress matters

Another thing that Microsoft Xbox Store offers Nintendo and PlayStation are not cross-platform saves. Each major game in the store allows players to continue their games on different Microsoft platforms if they choose. On Sony, if a person buys Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales on PS4, save progress would not carry over to the PlayStation 5 version.

The same goes for saves between Nintendo games on different platforms. However, Xbox games track progress without the user doing anything, and the store does a great job of mentioning it with a single sentence.

2 Best Cloud Gaming Service

Cloud gaming still hasn’t reached its true potential in most countries, and until it does, it’s hard to pick a clear winner here. However, the convenience of accessing Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass is incredibly easy thanks to the Microsoft Store UI and UX.

The Nintendo store still doesn’t have a good cloud gaming service other than the Nintendo Switch Cloud Streaming, which offers very few games. The PlayStation streaming service is a bit better, but it doesn’t stand up to the deadly combination of XCloud and Game Pass.

1 Has more games and supports older titles

The best thing Microsoft’s Xbox Store does is preserve older games, and boy, is the massive library. Xbox 360 games like Alan Wake, Dragon Age: Originsthe dead space series, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegasand Sound Generations to original Xbox games such as Armed and dangerous and Black and Blinxthere are simply too many classics for players to enjoy.

Backward compatibility is a major part of Microsoft’s position and its store. This is something completely missing from the Nintendo Switch store and only partially available on the PlayStation store and only available to those who pay more for one of the premium PlayStation Plus tiers.

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