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Arkane Studios’ Deathloop was unveiled during E3 held in 2019. Fans were pretty excited as the studio delivered back-to-back bangers. First with the unrivaled Dishonored stealth game series, then with Prey. Both games were epic in their own way.

Deathloop, on the other hand, was a mix of everything Arkane had learned over the years. Arkane Studios has been a subsidiary of Bethesda for years. If you’ve been following the company lately, you already know it’s owned by Microsoft.

Initially, it was planned to be a timed PlayStation-only release. It hasn’t aged well, however, as Microsoft announced the acquisition of Bethesda the following year, in early 2021. As shocking as this news was, it left an even bigger question unanswered. Would the previously mentioned timed exclusivity remain as is from day one for the PlayStation 4 console?

Surprisingly, what could have been Microsoft’s ultimate blow to Sony has instead been confirmed. Microsoft has announced that it will honor Bethesda’s ongoing commitments.

This led to titles like Deathloop being released as timed exclusives for the PS5. But this period ends soon on September 14, 2022. So will Deathloop be released on Xbox this year? You can take a view below for all your questions.

Is Deathloop on Xbox?

No, Deathloop is not currently on Xbox Series X|S consoles. It still serves the pre-determined period of exclusivity for the PS5. So it’s likely we’ll see it happen soon after.

Image: Arkane Studios | Death Loop

Deathloop has had a terrific run since its release. He has won remarkable grand prizes. This includes winning Best Game Direction and Best Art Direction at the renowned annual Video Game Awards (VGAs). The game is quite popular, so naturally it will have demand on all platforms.

Although the game received a lot of praise, it didn’t really sell well. It debuted with the lowest sales numbers of any Arkane title. Quite shocking information considering that it was named Game of the Year on several websites. That said, you can judge that Deathloop is aimed at specific audiences, those who want to learn it.

It takes the best stealth elements of Arkane’s Dishonored 2 and mixes it with Prey’s world-building. Deathloop’s end product leads to a wonderful adventure from start to finish.

Is Deathloop on PC?

Specifically, Deathloop is part of the PS5 console exclusive category. It’s similar to many other PlayStation-PC exclusives we know of.

As you can see in the Tweet above, the cover image explicitly states, “Also available on PC. Not available on other consoles until at least 9/14/2022″.

So yes, you can also play it on PC. The game is available for purchase at Steam for standard $59.99 price tag. But you have to wait for a sale to get it.

Deathloop Xbox release date

Deathloop will most likely release on Xbox on September 15, 2022. This would mark the end of its exclusivity tenure for the PS5. It’s also possible that Xbox will delay its release until a much more presentable date.

Deathloop Xbox release date
Image: Arkane Studios | Death Loop

We might get exclusive DLC after the game releases on Xbox. This could be a viable scenario for gamers who have already purchased the game on PC to re-purchase it on their Xbox console.

Will Deathloop be coming to Xbox One?

It’s delicate. It didn’t come out for the PS4, so coincidentally we might not get it on the Xbox due to hardware constraints. On the other hand, a toned down version could be brought to the Xbox One.

It will be a very good addition to the Xbox One lineup. Mainly because the majority of gamers haven’t upgraded to next-gen yet. A contributing factor to this is the obvious shortage of consoles. While the other is the relatively small lineup of next-gen games.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda will obviously bring a massive expansion to that number. Starfield and Redfall are already on the way, so seeing Deathloop shortly is a likely possibility.

Is Deathloop on Xbox Game Pass?

Certainly. Xbox Game Pass is listed on the website for all first-party games to be available on day one. As Deathloop’s PS5 exclusivity ends on September 14, 2022, you should see it coming right after that.

Deathloop Xbox release date
Image: Arkane Studios | Death Loop

It’s no secret that Game Pass has been on a frenzy of absolute destruction. Hands down, it’s the best game subscription service on the market right now. The catalog is vast and contains more than a hundred unique titles, including the Yakuza saga, Halo: Infinite, No Man’s Sky and Arkane’s masterpiece, Dishonored 2.

Due to Xbox’s heavy focus on Game Pass, it’s highly likely that Deathloop will be added there. Another possible option could be for Deathloop to be available at full price first. Followed later by a Game Pass inclusion.


Deathloop is a great game, and seeing it on Xbox would be even better. The odds of it coming to Xbox are extremely favorable, so you should expect to see it soon. Particularly towards the end of its timed exclusivity on September 14, 2022.

when is deathloop coming to xbox
Image: Arkane Studios | Death Loop

It is expected to be released on the awesome Xbox Game Pass as well if the marketing scheme aligns with Game Pass’ day one release motto.

You’ll likely hear an official announcement from Xbox in early September. We will let you know if this turns out to be the case. Here’s a look at more Xbox-related content for you to browse.

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