Xbox Design Lab controllers again have rubberized grips and metallic finishes

Microsoft is bringing back options for rubberized grips and metallic finishes on Xbox Design Lab controllers. The Xbox maker initially suspended its Design Lab program ahead of the Xbox Series X launch last year, before bringing it back in June without the options of rubberized grips and metallic finishes.

These two original customization options are available again, alongside some new additions. Black rubberized grips are now available on both the rear case and side grips, and there are three new color options for the controller parts. Microsoft is also adding 19 new metallic finish colors, including a variety of blue, green, and pink options.

The updated rubberized grips.
Image: Microsoft

Xbox Design Lab allows Xbox owners to create custom Xbox controllers in the US, Canada, and most European countries, priced at $ 69.99. There are millions of color combinations, and you can customize the colors in most parts of a controller, including bumpers, throttles, D-pad, and options for buttons.

Rubberized and metallic finishes are available now, and Microsoft says each custom controller will ship 3-4 weeks after ordering.

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