Xbox Exec admits PlayStation beat them in key area

During an interview, Xbox executive Matt Booty said that PlayStation is ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering great tentpole games.

Xbox Exec speaks PlayStation

With the Xbox With the X series and PlayStation 5 having been out for almost a year now, fans are debating the two companies behind the behemoth consoles. One area that is often discussed is that of Xbox and PlayStation’s exclusive game offerings.

Comparisons between the two have often been made, with many fans saying Xbox’s offerings are disappointing compared to PlayStation. However, Microsoft has heard this complaint and has since worked diligently to strengthen its library of exclusive content. Microsoft even acquired Bethesda, the developers behind Old scrolls and Publication date.

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In an interview with Kinda Funny, Xbox executive Matt Booty said he felt Xbox was behind Sony when it came to big tentpole games. Booty says, “I think I tend to get to this more than we pay attention to the expectations of the fans. I think there is a certain type of game that generates anticipation that becomes a bit of this moment of tentpole. It’s a game that fits that intersection of everyone can play and it’s also a big world that you can inhabit. I think these kinds of games are important. And certainly, this has been a place we haven’t been before. We didn’t really have the kind of 1: 1 with Sony there. ”

Booty goes on to say that Xbox is still growing and what’s important for the business is to “make sure we have these kinds of games for our fans.” This is something that Xbox will continue to work on, and apparently something that it is in the process of accomplishing. For now, Xbox has unveiled two notable AAA games to come. Infinite halo and Forza Horizon 5, both of which should satisfy fans of the longtime franchises.

Both titles will be released exclusively on Xbox within the next two months. The future of Xbox looks bright too, with many great exclusive AAA Xbox games to come. Unfortunately, many games announced for Xbox don’t have a release date like the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls 6 and the next entry in the Fable series, so fans could wait a while for Xbox to catch up with PlayStation in terms of top-notch exclusives.

That being said, Xbox has found success in other areas such as Xbox Game Pass and the many games available on the service. While Xbox may be underperforming in terms of its major AAA exclusive titles, Xbox Game Pass has amassed millions of subscribers and shows no signs of wasting away. Xbox will close the year with two strong titles and currently has a few AAA games slated for 2022. It will be interesting to see what the future of the console holds.

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Source: GameSpot

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